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Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

JoCarroll wrote:

but it was something of a challenge to write about.

I have that challenge to come.

Essex UK

Steve – how very kind. I’m glad you enjoyed it – I had a wonderful trip, but it was something of a challenge to write about.

Bombs and Butterflies: Over the hill in Laos by Jo Carroll

I wanted to read this book by our very own @jocarroll but selected to wait until I’d been to Laos, so I could do it on a “comparing notes” basis. I had no doubt Jo’s tale would be different, as we’d chosen a “softies” way to do our trip compared with her backpackers style, but it was great to digest our trips and contrast their contents. Some aspects the same, some with small tweaks to our experiences but some significantly different. As a single traveller with an approachable demeanour, Jo got people to open up in a way I doubt they would to a couple travelling together.

Not that you need to have visited Laos to enjoy the book. Jo has an comfortable style that means it’s a little like her telling you her story round a camp fire. Easy to read but hard to put down.

I picked this up on Amazon and wasn’t sure if it was a “deal” price but certainly it was one of the best £1:11 I’ve spent on a Kindle book and I thoroughly recommend this book. I’ll definitely be checking out the other titles in the series.

I could have put this on our reading thread but as this book is largely about Laos I think it fits better here.

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I’ve heard about the Vietnman/passport hassle before – it’s probably worth making sure your passport is reasonably undamaged before going anywhere these days.

Latest update on Vietnam from Gov.uk

Latest update: Entry requirements section (Passport validity) – a number of British nationals have been refused entry due to their passport being damaged; make sure your passport is in good condition before arriving in Vietnam

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jedthefrog2 wrote:

it’s missing around 2000 motorbikes!

That’s right @jedthefrog2 a mass of motorbikes, some with 4 or 5 people on, some pushbikes, a hand cart or two
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@coolonespa “……………it could easily have been taken in Vietnam”

I don’t think so, it’s missing around 2000 motorbikes!


Or Quito!

There’s an odd logic to it – drivers seem to know the rules. It’s crossing these roads that it truly terrifying!

According to the heading this was taken in Meskel Square, Addis Abeba but it could easily have been taken in Vietnam

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JoCarroll wrote:

And it’s worth knowing when to go back

That recommendation I got from a guide was specifically about going North of Hanoi as the weather would be warmer & pleasant for that area. I would imaging it would very hot and humid if you venture much further south.

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