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Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

JoCarroll wrote:

You lucky people – you’ll get to Luang Prebang!

Yes, and looking at the itinerary we have an overnight stop there which should give us two whole days.

My new guide book arrives from Amazon this morning.

JoCarroll wrote:

Luang Prebang!

Brilliant place.

Essex UK

You lucky people – you’ll get to Luang Prebang!

Delighted to say that yesterday we booked a trip to Laos adding a Northern Mekong adventure to our Asian experiences.

This will complete a journey along the Mekong that we started 3 years ago on the Amalotus…

…which started in Saigon…

…and ended in Siem Reap

Certainly an interesting project to keep an eye on.

Essex UK

I agree it’s a vanity project, Richard – and maybe they want it to be evidence of an up and thrusting country, fully recovered from the Pol years. As a tourist, I, too, love Phnom Penh and would hate to see it ‘spoiled’ – But if they put this in the commercial district and not by the river, it might be okay.

My bigger concern is that the financing becomes a money-laundering opportunity and too many safety corners are cut if they ever build it.

coolonespa wrote:

According to the Phnom Penh Post the project is still “up in the air” (a journalist with a sense of humour) but here’s what it should look like:

As someone who has visited Phnom Penh several times and loved the place I can’t help thinking this ‘vanity’ project, if it ever gets off the ground, would detract from the charm and history of the city…

I am always fascinated by Phnom Penh’s unusual central market…

…especially the interior…

Apparently its going to be used for a mix of a hotel, offices and condominium space.

Essex UK

But who will use it and for what!!


Where is the money coming from? China, presumably – I hope the Khmer have the ability to stand up to them and insist it’s built with local workers. (Unlike Malawi, where the government borrowed millions from the Chinese, who came with their own workers to built impressive conference centres and stadia, that have never been used – and Malawi is now stuck with buildings and huge debts.)

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