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The junk:

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Thanks @cruzeroqueen1 and @jocarroll immersion continues.

Have internet again and a few mins to post before we set out again. Slowed the pace down after Hanoi and picked up a junk to cruise around Halong Bay for a couple of days. Thousands of limestone islands or Karsts I think they call them makes the scenery both unusual and a little spooky when the mist falls. The service and food on the junk has been great and I’m delighted that they have stuck to Vietnamese cuisine rather pander to western tastes. Will post a pic of the boat.

Amusing encounter on Tito island, 426 steps up to the top for 360 views of the surroundings. That’s hard enough on steep steps but we were unlucky to be there where a few junks dumped hundreds of Chinese tourists on at the same time. Let’s just say that I know what a Salmon swimming upstream feels like.

At the entrance to a cave, a monkey turned up, eyed the group and dismissively turned his back. Presumably we didn’t have anything he felt was worth knicking.

Have tried civet coffee @jedthefrog and love it, so will be aiming to source some for our return as you suggest.

Essex UK

Don’t forget to try the civet coffee……………..and bring some back if you like it, it costs a small fortune here!


Oh lucky man. Can’t wait to hear what other excitements your guide will lead you into.

Good to hear you are immersing yourself in the lifestyle and culture!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Greetings from Hanoi.

The lesson from today was “Trust your guide”

Trust her when we cross a major intersection together and scooters, cars, rickshaws are whizzing all around us “just walk slowly and they’ll avoid us”
Trust her when she takes you to lunch somewhere that looks like it could be condemned and they’re cooking in the curb (gross exaggeration) and you eat the most enjoyable meal at £7 for 3 people including beer.
Trust her when she leads you down a dark alleyway into a cafe for coffee with an egg in it (see picture on coffee thread) and it is absolutely delicious.

What an assault on your senses Hanoi is but we’re loving it.

Essex UK

Bags going on, boarding soon. Hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since the A380s started landing at Heathrow

Essex UK

Thanks @applegroupie

Essex UK

@coolonespa Looking forward to reading your travel blog. Bon Voyage!

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