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Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Hoi An, it has to be one of my favourite places. Yes it’s got loads of tourists, but it doesn’t seem to matter somehow, if anything it makes people watching more interesting.

I was sat doing just that once, and watching an old, and local, woman, bent double with age. She was walking along the street with her hand held out. Tourists were putting money in her hand every time one saw her.

All she did was chuckle to herself. It wasn’t begging, far from it, just seemed funny to her that she could become well off (comparatively) just by walking along the road!


I LOVED Hoi An – I know it’s touristy, but all those lanterns at night are lovely. I’m so enjoying your trip, Steve!

Dragons in temples, lanterns & my new suit…… it’s just bananas isn’t it

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These things are such simple but memorable experiences Gill. I was taking about our experience in Borneo in a restaurant last night, I think I might have sold a holiday for selective Asia

In Hoi An now. The old town used to be a prosperous port but now it’s largely about the old buildings that are UNESCO listed and a lot of the rest is to cater for the tourists. Still it’s very pretty, all lanterns, dragons, pagodas etc. Also the place to be if you want anything made, suit dress etc. Really comes alive at night when all the lanterns are lit.

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That sounds so much fun, @coolonespa, and @JoCarroll! A similar memorable occasion for me was in Borneo when our taxi driver, who lived in a water village, took us home to meet his family and his wife gave us tea and cornflake cakes!

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What a great experience Jo.

Here’s a pic to go with the food Safari

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I was rescued by a local man, Steve – it was the Chinese New Year, and the city was deserted – he took me home to his family and I spent the day with them. I speak no Vietnamese, they spoke no English, I have no idea what I ate or what the rituals were about, but I played with the children and they made me unbelievably welcome. Towards the end of the day he took me to the city wall, and I could find my way from there.

It’s one of my most memorable experiences – I’ll always love Hue!

Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos is a typical SEA trip. I would like to share my experience in a town in Cambodia. I visited last year and was amazed to see Banlung’s eco-tourism attraction. The Yeak Laom Crater Lake is the main attraction plus the three waterfalls. My stay there is incredibly cheap and all worth it. I also joined some tours & excursions and the trek to the Virachey National Park. Although not modernized like Phnom Penh, the people are very friendly and my experience is very authentic.

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I remember getting very lost in the old citadel in Hue – glad you had guides, Steve!

Yes it’s vast isn’t it Jo. Our guide was really good at getting us around via the most efficient route but also the one that punished Linda’s knees the least.

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Thanks Alan. Here’s the pic of the junk that had our cabin on ( the one I meant to post the first time )

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