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Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Greetings from Hanoi.

The lesson from today was “Trust your guide”

Trust her when we cross a major intersection together and scooters, cars, rickshaws are whizzing all around us “just walk slowly and they’ll avoid us”
Trust her when she takes you to lunch somewhere that looks like it could be condemned and they’re cooking in the curb (gross exaggeration) and you eat the most enjoyable meal at £7 for 3 people including beer.
Trust her when she leads you down a dark alleyway into a cafe for coffee with an egg in it (see picture on coffee thread) and it is absolutely delicious.

What an assault on your senses Hanoi is but we’re loving it.

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Bags going on, boarding soon. Hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since the A380s started landing at Heathrow

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Thanks @applegroupie

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@coolonespa Looking forward to reading your travel blog. Bon Voyage!

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Just 24 hours & we’ll be on the plane for a trip we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Selective Asia have been great and helped us plan a trip that gives us plenty of variety over the next few weeks. They’ve even updated their App with a “get me home” feature, that will get me back to the hotel when I get lost in the back streets of some far away place.

I’ll try on pop into this thread as time & internet access allows & share the odd snippet but in the meantime here’s a map of the outline plan in the next post.

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