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Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

I went up this, too – I’m sure you didn’t take a little bird with you (nor did I!).

One for @Solent-Richard_1 particularly…..I climbed the 329 steps to the top of Phu Si (100m hill) for panoramic views of the city (somewhat marred by the farmers burning the fields ready to plant their rice, causing a permanent mist which enveloped the surrounding mountains).

Apart from the views:

This is what you find at the top:

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Absolutely, Steve – I think most people still don’t know quite how much of a lying toad he was.

The last room in the Palace houses diplomatic gifts, do you remember the Moon rocks (I think they were from Apollo 17) in a case Jo, donated by President Nixon to his Friends in Laos…….bit of an irony there I thought.

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Many thanks for these, Steve – I do understand why they Laotians might be a bit paranoid about visitors, given what has happened to them.

coolonespa wrote:

They were quite relaxed with us, but possibly different as we had our own guide

I must have had a brain freeze yesterday when I wrote that…..yes you are right they didn’t want photos. I recall now they took us to a room to the left of the entrance and we had to put our backpacks & cameras on lockers before entering. Its the same place they robe anyone who is inappropriately attired. So apart from the couple of sneaky ones I managed to get with my phone that I have already posted, these are the only other ones I have:

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You are a star, Steve!

They were quite relaxed with us, but possibly different as we had our own guide. I’ll dig out some more of the Royal Palace and you can download them.

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I loved Luang Prabang – spent a week pottering about there. But when I went to the palace we were shepherded round and it was definitely no photos – so these are very precious. Thanks, Steve.

(Mind you, I had my camera stolen in Vientiane, two days before I came home, so even if I’d had photos, they would be lost!)

The Royal Palace throne room had dazzling displays of mosaics on the walls made of Japanese mirrored glass.

and plenty of other startling exhibits:

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