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Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

jedthefrog2 wrote:

it’s missing around 2000 motorbikes!

That’s right @jedthefrog2 a mass of motorbikes, some with 4 or 5 people on, some pushbikes, a hand cart or two
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@coolonespa “……………it could easily have been taken in Vietnam”

I don’t think so, it’s missing around 2000 motorbikes!


Or Quito!

There’s an odd logic to it – drivers seem to know the rules. It’s crossing these roads that it truly terrifying!

According to the heading this was taken in Meskel Square, Addis Abeba but it could easily have been taken in Vietnam

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JoCarroll wrote:

And it’s worth knowing when to go back

That recommendation I got from a guide was specifically about going North of Hanoi as the weather would be warmer & pleasant for that area. I would imaging it would very hot and humid if you venture much further south.

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Thank you, Steve – I had no real idea what I was doing, so it’s good to know I made sense (I can’t face listening to it all again!)

I’ve come across Ceri Wheelan, the Fab after 50 woman, and she apparently recommended me. Her site is aimed at women, and has bits of travel and loads of other things aimed at making older women more visible, or – at least – to have more fun! "Here ":http://www.fabafterfifty.co.uk/ is the link.

And it’s worth knowing when to go back – though May isn’t the easiest month for me to get away, as I have grandchildren’s birthdays to work round (can miss those!!)

Thanks @JoCarroll glad you enjoyed it.

I think if I go back I’ll target May time & head further north, apparently its just beautiful around that time of year.

By the way I just caught up on your radio interview on the podcast and noticed Vietnam was specifically mentioned there at least twice. You are very articulate on the radio, well done. How did you get involved in that?

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What a great review – one day I’ll go back!

Part one of my write up on the trip is up on the site now if anyone wants a read:


and here’s a few additional pics:

Showing the mosaic wall has the world record:

a close up on my wiring description:

and the temples were just amazing:

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Looks nice though, perhaps I’ll try and factor it in to any return trip.

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