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Wild, wild and more wild animals

….closer to home, one of my favourite animals…the brown hare in Spring

……the hippos photo is the best, what fun they are providing you don’t get in their way!
Seeing a whited headed fish eagle is a rare moment…they are magnificent.
We saw some grey headed ones in Sri Lanka but a difficult shot high in the trees…

I’ve got some photos on my blog, @GDB1here and here.

I’ve not written any reviews yet – but know I should! I’ve been ill (boring story) and a bit preoccupied with a house-move. I’ve also started unpicking the pages and pages of notebooks to try to work out how to write about the place!

Have you done a review of Liwonde or Malawi yet @JoCarroll ? ……I expect you have more wild images as well ?

Yes, @GDB1 – it’s Malawi, in the Liwonde National Park. He was having such a lovely time, he reminded me of my grandsons playing in the bath!

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Elephants are just fabulous creatures, and it’s always great to see them enjoying themselves in water……nice shot @ JoCarroll
I assume this was taken in Malawi ?

These are all fab, @GDB1

And here’s another elephant to join in the party!

…and having fun with your mum of course!

…..togetherness….these two Purple Coots have had a minor skirmish, but it didn’t last long..

Good pics and good humour…..what more could we want.

Essex UK
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