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Wild, wild and more wild animals

Welcome back GDB1 and for sharing the amazing photos you took whilst you were away!

Nice additions to the thread.

Essex UK

Thanks @Fossil… and the rest of you…. Mary and I are pleased to be back…. it was a fascinating 10 days in many ways, but equally frustrating in others. In all honesty there was only ever going to be a 50/50 chance of a snow leopard, but he who dares…………

…and these are the famous Przewalski’s Horses…. the only true wild horses in the world…. I think there maybe only 200 of them in the Hustai National Park, Mongolia…. we were very privileged to see them…… but not too close.

Welcome home @GDB1


I have just submitted a review…. ‘Outer Mongolia’
Here is just another feathered friend I caught in the middle of a very hot day….. a Common Tern…. and another small furry friend peeking momentarily out of the rocks…… he is a Vole similar to ours but not often seen

Shame you didn’t get to see all the wildlife you wanted but I enjoyed these photos.

Essex UK

Welcome back, :GDB1 – look forward to the review, and already enjoying the latest photos.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

….this one I dubbed… the Lloyds Bank Black Horse… it was taken near a lake with the main capital city of Ulaanbaator in the background….. sadly I couldn’t get him to prance!

..Ooops…. seemed to have repeated myself…. maybe one of the moderators could remove one of the ‘meerkat’ impersonators ?

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