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Wild, wild and more wild animals

Spotted in the grounds of our Cotswold Hotel the weekend before last…

Thanks Jo.

Cute shot. Perhaps the caption should be “You’re going to have to walk a little bit now dear”

Essex UK

Lovely egrets, Steve.

Saw this little monkey in Sri Lanka – doesn’t the mother look exhausted!

The Egret is the city bird of Xiamen, Oct 2018

Essex UK

Thanks Gill

Essex UK

Wonderful photos @coolonespa

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

great PIC

A little closer to home, here are some wild ponies from the New Forest:

Essex UK

Nothing like a good old wallow, @coolonespa – and good to see them in their natural habitat
and not used as a tourist attraction.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Its World Elephant Day, so no more excuse is needed for a few elephant pics from Bostwana:

The elephant had decided to wade into the river and snack on the water lilies, ripping up vast quantities with its trunk.

Lovely eyelashes

and some baby pics

Essex UK
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