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Things furry & feathered around the world

I can’t compete with Canada Goose shots……lots of detail in the feathers, so you got the exposure very well.

But, how’s about two of my favourite birds from across the water……both are from the Indian subcontinent in different national parks, but truly wild obviously….one is an immature Whited Headed Eagle fairly rare, and the other is a particular favourite, the Changeable Hawk Eagle….both are about the size of a large buzzard

Can’t compete with you GDB……..


Thanks @GDB1

Essex UK

What handsome little creatures ……they look quite put out don’t they….. some well captured images there @coolonespa

Some more great stuff @GDB1

I’m going to slide down the food chain and show some colourful & sinister looking crabs from the Seychelles:

Essex UK

I take that as a great compliment @ESW ….remember I have seen your website!

Assuming that some of our fellow travellers do share a little of my passion for wildlife, I thought a few ‘feathered pairs’ might be interesting……

The first one is Indian Roller Birds…they are fairly common throughout India and do seem to pose a little but two together are more unusual

The next is a pair of Guira Cuckoos in a South American forest….. they part of a feeding group a quite some distance away…these two were the only ones who would sit still for a moment

and the final one is a pair of Monk Parakeets quite high in the underside of a tree…..not sure if one was feeding the other, or whether they were just getting together!…..the exposure and focus was quite difficult on this one

@GDB1 Your pictures just get better and better…


…..and then there was this one up in a tree…. he was shuffling around for ages before he finally settled down for a nap. We were very lucky as they normally hang drooped over a branch and partially hidden with legs and tails only visible

Thanks @Barrowman …I note a lot of detail in that head shot of the ‘high’ person, so you are not so bad yourself. Let’s see some more?!
In the meantime…we remember a fairly poor day in terms of sightings in this National Park, so returning back from the far reaches at dusk we heard an alarm call, then a male peacock came scuttling across the track. Our guide said ’ look over there in about 30 seconds, there will be a leopard’…..good though he was, we thought he was pulling our legs….
Then he appeared…..amazing!

A brilliant collection of brilliant photos GDB, your obviously the man with a camera……

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