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Things furry & feathered around the world

Strangely enough @Barrowman a gull was the subject of one of the winning photographs in the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Comp. You can see some of the pics here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/41664990

I loved this one in particular:

Essex UK

Oh no, not another dreaded gull…..


Nice one @pink makes you want to give him/her a hug,,,,


GDB1 wrote:

it didn’t go down well.

Essex UK

…and this could have been a really nice shot if it wasn’t for the halter thing around his muzzle…. I asked the owner if he thought the dog was a horse!…. it didn’t go down well.

…and this one was just sitting outside The Shipwreck at Shotley Marina just watching the world go by……

…we were down on the front at Felixstowe today…… I saw this small furry person playing with her tennis ball on the beach…..

I like the first squirrel shot looking at you @pink ….. and yes, you have got a ‘catchlight’ in his eyes…. that’s always good.

it’s squirrel season in the regent’s park! they even gave me a chance to go for gdb’s famous “whites of their eyes”


This one is from NewYork:

Essex UK
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