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Trans Canadian Rail Odyssey TITAN Tours

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Well, we finally made our trip of a lifetime – Toronto to Vancouver across the Canadian Rockies by sleeper train for 3 nights, luxurious Rocky Mountaineer for 2 days, and in-between bits by coach. Fabulous Niagara Falls, walking on the Athabasca Glacier, meeting a raccoon in Stanley Park Vancouver (face to ankle rather than face to face!) and climbing into the top bunk on the sleeper train while it bounces along across Ontario and Manitoba. Was it worth it? of course – not cheap at around £4000 each plus lots of spending money, but definitely worth it.

Titan Tours are particularly brilliant as they pick you up at your door (even when you live in the remote west coast of Wales!) and take you directly to departures at Heathrow – this has to be the best way to start and end a long-haul trip. Finally written up the reports on the trip, in 5 sections, so look out for them to appear on the site with lots of photographs. Below are a couple of snippets from the reports for info.

Part 5 Summary section.
This is a wonderful way to experience Canada, travelling several thousand miles across the Canadian Rockies by train and coach. You can drive the route along the trans-Canadian Highway, but this means the driver will invariably miss out on spectacular scenery along the way. For us, the organised tour means you get to hear all the extra snippets of information (especially from local coach drivers who were very entertaining) and the background to how/why towns along the route developed as they did.
Our Titan Rep worked so hard to make sure the group was able to get the most out of the trip, and organisation throughout was exceptional. Toronto was vibrant and Niagara Falls as magical as you could wish for. The sleeper train, The Canadian, was an experience, and the Rocky Mountaineer is a superb way to travel. All hotels we stayed in were at least 4*, with friendly helpful staff who really cared about whether we were happy or not. You do need to have some mobility, as there is a lot of climbing on and off coaches and trains, although many of the tourist attractions can accommodate wheelchair users. Note it would definitely be difficult if you are a smoker as there are few opportunities to smoke while on the trains and most of the towns are smoke-free.

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