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3 best kept secrets of Malaysia

Thanks for the advice and photos @traveldreamlands – I’m definitely tempted!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

One of the secrets of Malaysia is its Langkawi island. If you are tired of crowded Bali and want to visit the tropical island with almost no tourists then Langkawi is the perfect destination for you. You will definitely fall in love with the little island in the most northern point of Malaysia.

What will you find there?

  • Seven Wells Waterfall
  • Air Terjun Temurun Waterfall
  • Sandy Skull Beach
  • Langkawi Buffalo Park
  • Durian Perangin Waterfall
  • Gurung Raya…

… and even more amazing secret locations I recently shared in the article here: https://traveldreamlands.com/what-to-do-in-langkawi-for-one-week

ESW wrote:

This does rather read like a cut and paste job to me…

I agree with you @ESW.

Do tell us when you visited Malaysia @RajSharma and why you have chosen these three places. This does rather read like a cut and paste job to me…

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Visitors to Malaysia often make for the delights of Kuala Lumpur and the popular beach resorts. But, if you’re looking for something a little different, find one of Malaysia’s 3best kept secrets during your holiday.

1.Redang Island
Redang highlights a portion of the world’s best shorelines – unending extends of delicate white sand, shaded with influencing palms and bordered with fragrant tropical greenhouses. The scuba jumping and snorkeling is outstanding – almost 50% of the island is a secured marine stop – and trekking outings go through interesting angling towns and the natural life rich inside. Best went by Mar-Oct.

2.The Eco Resorts
With so much characteristic excellence, Malaysia is mindful so as to secure its natural legacy. Many resorts are intended to supplement their environment and are worked by local people from indigenous materials; eateries utilize local create to take out ‘nourishment miles’; and visitors are welcome to take in more about the adjacent wildernesses and mangroves in the organization of occupant naturalists

3.The World’s Most Innovative Spa
Tanjong Jara has been granted the World’s Most Innovative Spa award by Tatler magazine. The spa town conveys age-old Malay mending medicines joined with oils and cleans made from handpicked common neighborhood fixings. One of a kind treatments incorporate the Warrior Massage, consolidating Malay hand to hand fighting and the Seven Steps to Heaven program.


I’d add:

The rainforest – and don’t stay in the fancy resort, but in a scruffy hut above the river. You might not have hot water and need to mend the mosquito net with sellotape, but you can sit and watch as boats chug up and down the river and a real life hornbill fly home to roost.

Pulau Tioman – forget Langkawi, take a ferry to this tiny island, stay somewhere like ABC (only accessible by boat) and sit with the monitor lizards and the monkeys

Melaka – very touristy these days. But still less busy than Penang.

As for Penang – it’s food heaven. Go to the Red Garden and eat, and eat, and eat …

You have visited the Petronas Twin Towers and taken a tour around charming George Town. You are ticking off all the places Malaysia is well-known for and you couldn’t be happier. But is the adventurous traveler in you itching to discover those lesser known gems you know are hidden here. Let me help you with three such places to visit on your next trip to Malaysia:

Balik Pulau: Balik Pulau is a peaceful cultural town in Penang that the Chinese refer to as ‘the island behind the hills’. And it truly is a hidden wonder. Green hills, scores of tiny fishing villages, and plantations galore of durian, including the ‘ang heh’ and ‘holo’ variety. Cycle through the town once you reach here to experience the absolute rustic-ness of the place.

Mount Cincang:While Mount Kinabalu is quite famous among the tourists, a trek up Mount Cincang is something nature lovers will truly appreciate. The second highest mountain in Langkawi, it is the oldest Southeast Asian rock formation.

Crystal Market Stay put in Langkawi for some more hours and you will get a chance to visit the ethereal crystal markets here that let you take your pick from among some of the most beautiful crystals found in the area.

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