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Days out on a Budget

The Louvre in Paris was the most visited art museum, see link below


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So to set the ball rolling lets start close to home with The Louvre, Paris. A magnificent, if not the best collection of art & quite something to gaze at from the outside. I understand entry is free on the 1st Sunday of the month. Combine that with walks along the Seine & through the streets to see some well known landmarks. Assuming you can get a reasonable deal on the Eurostar or one of the airlines to get there, anyone know of a lovely budget place to stay or eat to keep the cost of a couple of days in Paris down?

More useful stuff on Paris in the thread in the link below:

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Reykjavik have free tours that depart Ingoffs Square at 1pm Monday to Saturday from 15 May to 1 October. Go to:


for details. Iceland isn’t cheap otherwise but if you’re going anyway I’m sure a freebie wouldn’t hurt.

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For those who subscribe to SKY there are 2 free tickets to Disneyland Paris on offer. As far as I understand it there are two free one-day/two parks tickets, which give access to both Disneyland Resort Paris and Walt Disney Studios. Tickets are valid for children and adults. Children under two go free. Two-park day tickets are usually worth £51 for adults and £45 for children, so this is a cracking deal. Sky has confirmed there are over 500,000 tix available with between 200 – 5,000 per day, so it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Berlin is another place with plenty of free things to do. Visits to the Reichstag are free, with its imposing Cupola. Remember to book in advance if you want to go in. Its also just a nice area to walk around too, set just beside the Spree that runs through Berlin. The Tiergarten offers great walks through this inner city park & there is a nice little tea shop in the park to rest weary legs & have a cuppa. There are many bits of the Berlin Wall spread around the city, plus a memorial, Checkpoint Charlie & the Brandenburg Gate. So having seen all that for free (apart from the price of a cuppa), I went on one of the boat trips along the Spree which I thought was pretty good value, made better by doing it on a lovely sunny day.

We also did Berlin Zoo but I thought that was pretty average. Colchester Zoo is better.

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The tram is also great for saving your legs. You can take the tram to the top of the hill & see the castle, then work you way downhill to Charles bridge.

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Algarve has lots to offer, especially if you have a hire car and I got one from Budget last month for 40 euros for 5 days…they have a queer setup where you have to email for a quote and if you accept it, you pay on arrival.
Once there, there’s a jazz club on I think Friday early evenings at the Sao Bras museum, which is also quirky and interesting on a rainy afternoon. There are sometimes concerts at the cinema in Sao Bras and they can be quite splendid.
Worth googling Orquestra do Algarve and looking what they’re upto, they are a world class orchestra and prices are very cheap for concerts. They do a promenade series in Spring.
Tavira has old castle ruins for nothing, services at the beautiful Carmo church are worth a visit – most churches are shut unless there’s a service, don’t know why.
The market in Tavira is bustling Monday to Saturday and interesting in the mornings when the local fish is about and directly next to it are extensive salt pans where there are many rare birds, this being a major migration route. You can park for free or walk there if you’re without a car.
Faro has a cathedral and ossuary, small museum with poor exhibits but a lovely building. The marina is pleasant to walk round and there is a large shopping centre called The Forum quite central and again, pleasant just to walk round on a rainy day or for a visit to the cinema – all films are shown in original language in Portugal with subtitles. The Jumbo supermarket in the Forum shopping centre has a cafe with marvellous coffee for very little indeed. The staff don’t speak English but understand arm waving and can get very into it. If you ask for cafe galau, you’ll get a decent sized glass of milky coffee made with hot milk – delicious and less than 50p.
You can access online a newspaper called The Resident which comes out on Friday and will give you basic what’s on information.

Lots of very cheap or free things to do in Prague – the Charles bridge is always full of artists and strange folk wandering about and playing music, you don’t need to pay to go into the grounds of the castle or the monastery up on the hill and if you sit outside the monastery at midday, they have a gorgeous carillon of bells that plays for at least quarter of an hour and reduced me to tears.
There are cheap day tickets for the trams and you can ride round all day visiting odd corners of the city, then go into the compact old town and stare at the great clock for nothing. The day tram pass goes right out to the airport so you can travel in and out for coppers.
Again, lots of cheap flights from the UK and some cheap hostel accommodation that is good quality and safe.

Es Baluard museum of modern art in Palma has a pay-what-you-like offer on Fridays, as well as reduced prices for seniors on other days.
This museum is in part of the old fortress opposite the huge marina so as well as fab art, you get spectacular views in all directions from the roof and can stand in the little sentry boxes.
Good cafe and within walking distance of the cathedral and belvoir castle, which both charge and I don’t know how much…
Lots of cheap flights to Mallorca from all over the UK, especially on the shoulder months.

As cheap as pomme frites…….I see what you did there

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