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Venice to London on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

We did a great day out on a Northern Belle carriage between Cardiff and Fishguard one Christmas – not destinations you immediately think of but they do offer similar days out in other parts of the UK! We joined at Swansea rail station – you could spot the ones joining the trip as we were all in our very best gear amongst the people with shopping bags and pushchairs. Wonderful greeting by a young man who would be looking after us at our table, we were soon seated and the meal began. Lovely food, atmosphere and a real feeling for the era especially the two musicians strolling up and down! Although we are unlikely to do the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, we are likely to do another trip on the Northern Belle where they include a Murder Mystery and overnight stay at a grand stately home.

One day, one day. I will have to save up the pension.


I wouldn’t have missed it for anything but I would stress that it was part of a package and it was very much a special occasion following double bereavement and serious illness in my immediate family, not to mention – lost in the middle of that – a significant birthday. The carriages, food and service are lovely, but it’s not quite the seamless whisk through Europe you imagine. Several ‘silver’ couples on the same package opted for extra nights in Venice and a flight home instead. But for a wonderful day out, the British Pullman and Northern Belle are very acceptable – if still pricey – alternatives. And no sleeping on a bunk!!

I enjoyed @Gillian-Thornton ‘s article, although at that price I’d be a bit miffed to find that I couldn’t find anywhere to sit after dinner. Sounds a fabulous way to end her special occasion holiday. It’s stuck firmly on the dream section of the bucket list but unlikely to be ticked with so many more reasonably priced things still to do.

Essex UK

is this the one dream we all share?

and i bet they don’t offer a place to a silver blogger! so it’s just the dream, then.

If only, to travel and sample the delights of a bygone era. What a dream!


@Brendalynn wrote:

One thing I would love to experience. .and share with my family ..but alas not in my price range ..never mind ..I can dream …

Me too.


Dreaming is free. And yes, it would be wonderful!

One thing I would love to experience. .and share with my family ..but alas not in my price range ..never mind ..I can dream …

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