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Destination Focus: South Africa

Lovely pics. and great review, David……….I’m very tempted!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Great pictures David.


Looking back on our trip, the game drive (or safari) was certainly one of the most memorable highlights. I’d be interested to read the views of other Silver Travellers about safaris they’ve been on, as we may consider going again to a different part of Africa and doing a trip with a longer safari element.

We stayed overnight in comfort in a very nice hotel. Our game drive lasted a couple of hours and we saw loads of animals in their (almost) natural habitat. We weren’t allowed to leave the jeep of course, or even stand up to take photos in the lion area. However, the giraffes (mother and two young ones) were roaming free and came so near to us that if we’d reached out we could’ve touched them!

I’d like to know what it’s like to stay in ‘less comfortable’ accommodation, further out in the countryside. Can you actually see herds of animals such as elephants, buffalo etc? Is it dangerous? Is there much of a problem with insects? My wife would need a lot of reassuring if she was to agree to go, so maybe those who have already been can help??

Loved South Africa. Had just over 2 weeks in the Johannesburg, Pretoria area but during our days off we went to Soweto and did a safari. Definitely want to go back.


I was reading @DavidT ‘s review called “Where Oceans Meet” about his trip of a lifetime to South Africa and thought it would form a good basis to pull together information and experiences we’ve had in South Africa. Here’s a link to DavidT’s review:

and perhaps he could add links, extra comments and pictures about his trip of a lifetime. Then it would be great if others could join in and add their own experiences, links to reviews they may have done, pictures etc. etc.

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