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Destination Focus: South Africa

coolonespa wrote:

08:35 12-Apr-18

Getting back to South Africa, now that I’ve been I can add to @DavidT ‘s and others early work on this thread. Here’s a link to an article I wrote about Johannesburg and Mziki Nature Reserve South Africa called “The Landy and the Rhino


Fascinating and interesting article, @coolonespa and enhanced by wonderful photos!_

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Getting back to South Africa, now that I’ve been I can add to @DavidT ‘s and others early work on this thread. Here’s a link to an article I wrote about Johannesburg and Mziki Nature Reserve South Africa called “The Landy and the Rhino”

This is the memorial in Soweto:

I’ll put the wild animal shots on that thread.

Essex UK

Fossil wrote:

What, Ride an Ostrich?

Ah! I’ve looked it up now. It was Aruba. No we didn’t ride them, that wasn’t offered but we did the feeding. I recall it being quite a violent experience. They are powerful birds and nothing gets in their way of food. Seems like we had fun though, although it looks a lot more tranquil in the picture than it actually was:

Essex UK

I don’t think ostrich rides are usually covered by travel insurance…

Michael never could understand the excitement of camel rides either – after all you can fall off and ruin th rest of your holiday.


I have to admit that none of our group actually rode on the back of the ostrich. We were offered the chance, and having seen the harness the animal would have been put into so we could get on it, everyone declined!

It was just as well – the guy in the picture is one of the handlers, who gave us a demonstration, by running after the ostrich, jumping up on to its back, and clinging on to its feathers! I would’ve liked to have seen their risk assessments……..

That IS me standing on the nest of eggs, however, and I just had to buy one as a souvenir to bring home. My wife reckoned it wouldn’t get back in one piece, but as you can tell, they’re very strong and it now occupies a place in our lounge!

The lady (not my wife!) being smothered by the ostriches, who wanted the food in the bucket, did actually volunteer when we were asked who would like a neck message………….!

My wife did feed an ostrich, which pecked the food from her hand and left little red bruises! Pic below….


What, Ride an Ostrich?


We did that in Aruba, at least I think it was. I need to check the pics when I get home and make sure the grey cells aren’t failing me.

Essex UK

It just occurred to me that one of the nicest things about our trip to South Africa was the food. The meals in the hotels were excellent, and there were opportunities to taste new things like bobotie (a spicy mince dish with omelette-like topping), eland (similar to venison – very lean) and ostrich!

One of our visits was a little cruel – to Cango Ostrich Farm near Oudtshoorn – as we had the opportunity to feed an ostrich, ride on the back of one, stand on a nest of ostrich eggs………then sample ostrich kebabs for lunch! Photos to follow – anyone with similar experiences??!!

Another good selection of pics @DavidT & don’t forget to put your bag pics on the bag thread as well:

Essex UK

Great pictures! I sometimes think it’s not only the view but the fact that you’re actually standing in a special place. During our stay in Cape Town, we had a tour of the southern cape, stopping at all points en route. The destination was of course the Cape of Good Hope, which was impressive but not quite as stunning as the Cape Point itself, where the view was magnificent. I’ll post the pics below – you’ll see the Silver Traveller bag made the trip!

It’s often thought that the Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost tip of Africa, when in fact it’s not quite as far south as Cape Agulhas, a bit further east, which was the central aim of our whole trip (entitled “Where Oceans Meet”). It’s the point where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean and interesting because of that, but the views weren’t as exciting as Cape Point. The sea was rather threatening – you wouldn’t want to be swimming there! You might also think twice about using the public toilets – see photo below!

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