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Places to visit and to avoid in Thailand

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coolonespa wrote:

ome and visit the Silver Travel team on stand A38 at the Cruise Show Olympia

I’ve just been advised that we’ll be on stand A50 instead now, sharing a little block with Viking Cruises & CMV.

Essex UK

JoCarroll wrote:

And Steve is a great source of knowledge on elephant-riding and other Asian excitements!

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jo. I’m eager to get the next instalment of your blog.

Essex UK

I’m in Ecuador at the moment, and hadn’t heard of chikungunya till I came here, where it’s as common as dengue. I googled it, and it seems to be all over the tropics, but maybe more common in South America.

I’ve had every jab possible – but never had more than one in a week, even though nurse sometimes pressed me to have two at once. I found them much easier to manage that way. As for malaria pills, I use Malarone, but only when I absolutely have to – so often I’m given advice at home to take them and arrive in a country to find there’s no problem. So it’s worth the local knowledge.

And Steve is a great source of knowledge on elephant-riding and other Asian excitements!

Glad to have been of help. Should you have some time to spare either 20th or 21st February 2016 why not come and visit the Silver Travel team on stand A38 at the Cruise Show Olympia and talk to our Advisors who will be there to help you choose the best cruise (and answer other travel questions too!). Free invitations available for Silver Travellers – please send an email to [email protected] for details.

I’ll be there both days between 11am & 4pm, so would love to see you for a brief chat. I didn’t make it up to Chang Mai but I can definitely share my Thailand experience, riding elephants etc. The cruise show is always good fun, especially when we can get you in for free via the e-mail above.

Essex UK

Chikungunya is an entirely new one to me, so shall be finding out. We makes our own choices about health precautions, so I’m weighing up carefully which jabs and malaria tabs, as in the past have sometimes had poor reactions (and don’t at present take any meds). So good advice on staying away from heavy malarial border areas. Big boon to receive the fitfortravel and the Selective Asia links. Thank you both for starting me off and pointing me to exploring the forum which is such an informative and stimulating world.


Hi @trotglobe and welcome to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

As far as health is concerned then Jo is correct. the best way to understand what medication or jabs to take is to consult your doctor/clinic. They will have the latest info on recommended precautions and will be able to advise depending on where you are with boosters and any other medication you are taking. With specific regards to Malaria, whilst Chang Mai may be seen as low risk, it depends on how much you intend to travel when you’re there. an opportunity may arise in the 2 months that take you into a Malarial area, so my phiosophy has been to take the tablets anyway, I’d rather be covered and its such a small cost vs. the price of the overall trip.

I find this site quite a useful resource but not a substitute for visiting the docs http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations/asia-(east)/thailand.aspx

Plenty of nasties can’t be immunised against, so best not to get bitten in the first place. A good insect spray is a must and I also use the wrist and ankle bands (you can get the spray and the bands from Boots or the bands from Amazon if Boots are out). I tend to be over cautious and the bands stay on at all times unless I’m in the shower. There has also been positive posts about Avon aftersun lotion with citronella to keep the insects at bay.

A comprehensive travel insurance is a must and you need to check your house insurance as some impose restrictions if the house is unoccupied for 30 (some 60) days.

Have a word with our partner Selective Asia click here they have a very informative web site and were first class when they’ve put trips together in Asia for me.

Finally, there have been many, many discussions of the forum re Malaria, Holiday Insurance etc. so spend a bit of time keying those key words into the search box to glean some really useful advice from our members.

Hope that helps and do keep us posted on your plans.

Essex UK

Where you’ve find dengue, you also find chikungunya, which is also unpleasant. Plus there’s the current hoo-ha about Zika.

It’s very easy to get caught on all the possible things that can go wrong – and being ill overseas isn’t fun. On the other hand, most people don’t get ill. They use insect repellent most of the time, and bed nets, get bitten a bit, and manage to have a great time.

So I think it’s worth arming yourself with all the information, taking sensible precautions, and then enjoy yourself!

Dear Jo ~ thanks so much for your most welcome info and advice. Very helpful, and too, about the Bangkok – Chang Mai climate. Had thought it was the reverse. Yes, you’ve got the crux of it, if it’s hot, there’s Dengue. Just before reading your post, was looking at a report in Reuters where the mayor of the Big Island in Hawaii has declared a state of emergency over the growing outbreak of Dengue.


Should be no problem with malaria – the world health bods might suggest you take something but the only place you might find it is closer to the border with Laos. However, that was a couple of years ago and things change – I’d take pills with you and then ask when you get there.

Dengue is almost everywhere. The only way to be sure of avoiding it is not getting bitten (or not going to warm countries).

Consult your surgery or travel clinic for any jabs you might need.

The climate in Chaing Mai is kinder than Bangkok and pollution not so much of a problem, though there is some. And there’s a thriving ex-pat community there, though I’ve no idea how you get in touch with them other than wandering around cafes and seeing who you meet.

Hello Steve,
I’m looking for health guidelines/advice on spending a couple of months in Chang Mai during UK winter months. Never visited Thailand before and would love to visit, and too, a warmer climate would benefit a sluggish circulation. Am nearly 70 and in the past, have made many journeys all over India. The last few visits, I didn’t use malaria tabs, although over 40 years ago had Dengue there. I’m trying to find out how many/what precautions is it advisable to take in the way of jabs etc? Is Malaria and Dengue easily contactable in Chang Mai? Does high pollution there coincide with winter months here? Anything, or any direction you could point me to will be much appreciated.

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