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Ultimate place to explore Kerala Which is known as God's own country.

Hi, Thanks for sharing the useful information. Kerala is really a paradise on Earth for its natural beauty and greenery.


A bit of a waterfront state in India’s profound south, Kerala is molded by its layered scene: just about 600km of superb Arabian Sea drift and shorelines; a drowsy system of sparkling backwaters; and the flavor and tea-secured slopes of the Western Ghats. Simply setting foot on this swathe of soul-extinguishing, palm-shaded green will ease back your subcontinental step to a blissed-out saunter. Kerala is a world far from the free for all of somewhere else, as though India had gone through the Looking Glass and turn into an inside and out more laid-back spot.

Other than its renowned backwaters, rich houseboats, ayurvedic medicines and gently spiced, taste-bud-shivering food, Kerala is home to wild elephants, fascinating feathered creatures and the odd tiger, while lively conventions, for example, Kathakali plays, sanctuary celebrations and snake-vessel races much of the time breath life into even the littlest towns. It’s difficult to prevent Kerala’s liberal use from claiming the trademark ’God’s Own Country’.

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