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Kerala Backwaters – Feel the Close Intimacy with Nature

@Fossil – if you break up the flight in the Middle East it’s not so bad, maybe you can talk your wife into it.

And @Stan-Deasy – the only place you might have to worry about malaria is the backwaters, and it you pick what time of year you travel even that should be fine.

And @ESW – it seems @xristmastree isn’t going to answer your questions, which is a shame as he/she probably knows more than I do. But it is possible to travel independently, though taxis are more comfortable (and safer) than buses. There are trains but probably not into the more remote – and beautiful – bits. Accommodation is anything from luxury resort to backpacker hostels. (Not that I think you really wanted to know!)

Kerala is known as the heaven on the earth. There are numerous excellent destinations in Kerala to visit :

Munnar is the excellent slope station which is secured with tea plants all around. It gives a rich green picturesque perspective which pulls in voyagers from far and close. Its regular excellence is the significant fascination. You can visit other magnificent destination in Munnar of which resound point and top station are stunning.

Reverberation Point is around 15 km from Munnar. Go and shout out there and you will recover your voice following a moment which is so intriguing.

Top station is the other exquisite spot which is around 32 km from Munnar. It is the most noteworthy pont. It is on the Kerala Tamil Nadu fringe. You can feel as though you are grasping mists. There are likewise other lovely palces to visit in Kerala.

Kerala backwaters : Do not miss the Alleppey houseboats. They will give you a huge ordeal. It gives all present day offices like select rooms, kitchen, washrooms, gallery and every other solace.


I have just got back from the Destinations Show at Earls Court and Kerala was being promoted with their own stand. Would love to visit but not sure my wife would like the long flight.

However as we get older……(

I can sympathise with that. My head tells me I am still 20 but my body tells me different and we have to reluctantly shelve plans. I don’t like old age – I’m not ready for it yet….there’s still to much to do and so much we’ll never do now.


Having visited Sri Lanka a couple of times,as a result of which it became our "Favourite place in the world", Kerala had always been near the top of our list. However as we get older,our appetite for visiting places where we will encounter "Mossies",is beginning to fade,especially as May,my partner is not totally comfortable with medication she has tried. Sometimes in life you have to make compromises,as many of you know,I’m sure, and Kerala looks like going reluctantly down the "Drain of Compromise". Stan.

Sounds delightful. Can you tell us a bit more how to get there and what accommodation is like? Can you get around under your own stem once there or do you have to join a guided tour?


The enchanting backwaters of Kerala are just the place to be for nature lovers and adventure freaks. Exploring the verdant greenery of coconut and palm groves along with countless of flora species will give you a close feel of nature. It’s usual to find mud, grabs and frogs of varied size along the banks of these beautiful natural setting. So, come here to feel the real beauty nature has gifted to Kerala.

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