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Question for Steve or anyone else who knows Malaysia

Really enjoyed the review Jo, thanks for sharing the link. An interesting experience.

Essex UK

As promised, Steve, I’ve reviewed the night train:

Thanks for these – great to see what it looks like inside!

On the topic of The Marina Bay Sands, I remembered Solent Richard did a post on this almost a year ago. Here’s the link:

Essex UK

Thanks for this – it certainly shows most of the sites in singapore – including Chinatown without traffic (how did they do that) and Little India without stalls flowing onto pavements and people walking in the road!

I have such mixed feelings about singapore – it’s so well organised and clean, and predictable – a relief after some of the places I visit – but it does bring out the rebel in me. I want to do a Jenny Joseph and run my stick along the railings and learn to spit!

I know it’s a bit late but there’s a feature on Singapore here if your interested in reading it Jo. … me-english

"The guide is for the discerning tourist to Singapore. The traveller looking to visit all our quintessential attractions that will complete their Singapore experience; who’s clever enough to skip the overpriced tourist traps in-between"….


What a great read Jo, enjoyed that and the photo’s…..


Tell me more about the night train please. Did you have a bed? What was the experience like?

I’ll review the night train – give me a few days.

Really enjoyed the blog & do let us know when you do updates. That gives everyone the choice, read it or not.
The Gibbons are really special, we saw them in Danum Valley Borneo. I can’t begin to explain the excitement & wonder of waking up to the sound of them whooping in the Rainforest & saying "Lets go find them".

Tell me more about the night train please. Did you have a bed? What was the experience like?

Essex UK

It’s taken a while, but I’ve posted a few of my Malaysia pics on my website

I’ll be posting more on the blog from week to week – won’t link those from here as you’ll all get fed up with it, unless one week is particularly fab!!

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