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Which do you prefer - hotel, villa or apartment?

Because I live alone travel alone, I almost always stay in hotels (occasionally hostels) – I want someone else to make my breakfast and do my washing up, and I am more likely to meet people.

But when I travelled with the children we self-catered – so much easier if they need rampaging time.

I find villa’s to be the best option, especially if they have their own pool. They’re particularly great if there’s a big family group.

I don’t have any perfect idea, but I book an apartment from here https://www.dubairent.com when I am traveling in
Dubai. It was a wonderful journey in my life, and I enjoy a lot.

It depend on the budget, villa or apartments they are better than hotels.

What a good question. Depending on your mood and your budget they’re all good so long as the sun is wall to wall and warm with it!

Bishop Auckland

Depends where I am and what I want to experience.


While the children were young, caravans, then when we started our love affair with Florida, theWest coast, we enjoyed there huge condos & villas. Once we retired, we started visiting the Caribbean, where we stay all inclusive & love it,the cultures & sun.
But, have to say we are intending Returning to Naples, Florida.

Olive Grove Trees Apartments has a bar and a cafeteria, not really posh enough to call a restaurant, and a pool. All the accommodation is apartments. They didn’t really try to encourage us to eat there at all, and if we were using their pool we would buy drinks from the bar, although in theory we could probably have brought our chilled cans of lager out from the apartment if we had wanted to.

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We’ve stayed in aparthotels in Spain and Portugal. They are apartments but in the building there is a bar, restaurant, gift shop, reception etc all the facilities of a hotel, so you have the choice you can self cater is you wish (as your apartment is fully equipped for self catering, or you eat at the hotel restaurant,so one of the benefits is flexibility. The other benefit is you get much more space in an apartment than a hotel bedroom. They tend to try and get you to book the restaurant option in advance,often offering a discount, but we never do and find opting to dine at the restaurant on the day costs just the same as booking it in advance. We often find that when we have stayed in aparthotels in a resort with other cafes, restaurants nearby, they aparthotel offer a good deal to get you to eat at their restaurant.


We’ve stayed in aparthotels in Spain….the difference seems to be that you have all the amenities of a hotel, such as dining rooms, bars and lounges in the same building/site, if you want to use them. We had one package which included breakfast- handy if you’re flying in and don’t want to take tomorrow’s breakfast.
I think the ones we’ve stayed in were slightly remote from many facilities.

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