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Better weather = more stay at home holidays?

Hi ngc4725, Yes Prudhoe is in Northumberland it is close to Tyneside and is at the other end of Northumberland to where I live. It is a nice place and I can see from your post its hospital helped your family. I am so pleased Northumberland was able to help your daughter. Yes I can well imagine It must have been scary having to travel all that distance, but worth it if your daughter was helped and staff were kind.. We are lucky we have some excellent hospitals here in Northumberland and on Tyneside with some centres of excellence. The skill of Tyneside surgeons saved my life not once but twice in 2005 when I had to have two separate neurosurgeries for brain aneurysms. I was taken from the North of the County to the South then on to Tyneside, super scary, but their skill and care fixed me and that is what counts!


Hi Fossil, yes it can be expensive, but the recession has also brought some very good deals!

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I would love to holiday in the UK but it is too expensive.

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Not sure if Prudhoe is north Northumberland but its a fab place especially when we had to admit our daughter to the hospital there as Aberdeen couldn’t provide…a very scary experience but a brilliant outcome. Well done Prudhoe! Thank you so much

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I’ve lived here in North Northumberland for twenty two years. I have never known so many visitors to our little town, the annual influx of tourists seems to have quadrupled this year, which Is so good for our local economy. I do wonder, if the beautiful weather has made people to decide to holiday in Britain rather than overseas.

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