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Warner Hotels

Hi Gemma, may I say firstly how nice it is to see another body on here, I keep starting all these topics in the hope that it might generate some traffic – I know its early days yet but I’m feeling lonely…..:

Anyway to answer your question, I think they are good value for money when you compare them to places like Premier Inns which can cost in the region of £89 per night for B&B only – as long as you don’t go for the top of the range rooms at Warner’s, around £50 a night will cover bed breakfast and evening meal, the use of all the facilities and all the entertainment.

And its adults only………David


The Warner Hotels have some pretty good deals too on occasion don’t they ?


I’m a fan of Warner adult hotels and have stayed at a few over the years, some more than once. We are going to
Alvaston Hall in October and wondered if anyone had been their and can give me the benifit of their opinion.

The last one we visited was Thoresby Hall in February this year which I would recommend along with Nidd Hall, buth
exceeded our expectations compared to the others we have been to.


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