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Where is your favourite holiday destination

LostInAmerica wrote:

I may be in a minority, but for me London is just OK

I’ll also join you in that minority. So many tourists seem fixated on London, Cotswolds and Stonehenge, and fail to realise there is so much more to England than that. They are missing so much.


@LostInAmerica wrote:

a canal boat holiday

There’s actually some great canal walks within London. Paddington Basin, Little Venice, Camden Lock. Good luck with your canal boat planning.

Essex UK

It is impossible for me to pick just one. Canterbury, Salisbury, Bath, Lincoln, Durham. York, Edinburgh and Cardiff were all wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed Wales and the Scottish Highlands. If you have not done the North Coast 500, I think it is definitely worth the time to do it.

I may be in a minority, but for me London is just OK. There are great spots, but overall it still feels like just another big city.

We have been researching a canal boat holiday and it may be our next attempt at “something different”. Seems like a nice, relaxing way to spend some time.

Indiana, USA

That’s great news @LostInAmerica do you have a favourite place in the UK?

Essex UK

My favorite destination is still the UK. Most of us do not appreciate what we have close to home, but I love the living history of so many places in Britain. I have made 12 trips (and counting), yet I look forward to my next visit and what I might find. Places that I have read about, in history or fiction, come alive when seen in person.

Indiana, USA

My favorite holiday destination would be Newyork with my friends.

My Next Plan to visit the Krabi. I heard lots about this place, Mountains with Greenery and lakes entice me to visit this place.

Iceland for sure. Despite its cold winds, I fell in love with this place. Nature is crazy beautiful.

My next plan is to visit some international cities like Dubai. Dubai is one of the best and beautiful places to visit. Full with beautiful and designable buildings.

I talk to about middle east Asia. There is some excellent destination to visit, some beautiful cities, natural beauty, mountain, waterfall, culture, and others.

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