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Where is your favourite holiday destination

Greece. “Chaniotis” is so very pretty, full of charm and history, quite different to most places you’ll find in Greece. The weather is always that touch warmer, the locals are lovely and friendly, the food is excellent, whatever your tastes. The beaches are clean and the seas warm, the main beach has more facilities with shallower waters.

HSunny12 wrote:

I love to travel very much. Now I am going to travel to Europe. I want to visit more than one country.

After travelling all the way from the USA you will certainly want to see as much as possible. Collect a hire car at your arrival airport and one country will blend into the next. Enjoy your trip.


I love to travel very much. Now I am going to travel to Europe. I want to visit more than one country.

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Essex UK

Thats a really great website with some nice ideas, thanks @Wyen

Kimberley11 wrote:

01:48 26-May-19

We just got back from Puerto Vallarta and loved it! There’s so much to do there and the weather was perfect. https://www.twotravellingtoques.com/best-things-to-do-in-puerto-vallarta/
Puerto Vallarta

I spent two weeks there about 30 years ago, – not as many activities around then, but loved the place
and the people, and made friends with some of the locals, with whom I kept in touch for years.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Hi, everyone. My favorite destination is Europe. I’ve been to Austria, Poland, Chech Republic, and Russia. Last month I was in St. Petersburg. It was my first time there, and I liked it so much. I love taking different excursions, so in St. Petersburg, I took a few tours tours in St. Petersburg, and it was a really cool experience. Guides were total professionals.

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Hello, everyone. Traveling is my hobby and it gives me so much pleasure. I’ve been to a few countries in Asia, Africa, but my favorite travel destination in Europe. Last month I opened a new country for myself. I visited Russia(Moscow and St. Petersburg). I was pleasantly surprised because the cities are so beautiful. I took few "tours in St. Petersburg and it was unforgettable. White nights, bridges, different museums for sure must be seen.

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My favorite destination is Europe. Paris and Rome had stolen my heart when I first visited them.

Have you guys been there: http://www.toucantrail.com/ An awesome place to travel with your family, lots to see there.

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