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.@coolonespa Those clouds!!!

Sunset over the North Sea is brilliant, water is so beautiful.

@the4ts wrote:

and that sunset one is lovely!


This one’s from Puerto Rico

Essex UK

Thank you .@coolonespa

I always love photos taken of the wake if you are on a boat / ship and that sunset one is lovely!

.@Fossil that’s a lovely photo. I’m a sucker for mountain pics of any kind

Sunset from my Egyptian home. The only time the ‘Mountains of the Eastern Desert’ can be seen is at sunset as they are obliterated by heat haze during the day. Taken with an iPhone 6plus, nothing fancy.


coolonespa wrote:

At least that’s what I saw

Vivid imagination


Oh very impressive @the4ts I love that one. To some extent it looks like a watercolour wash painting….a great effect,

Mine’s a much simpler one (taken with an iPhone 7+). We’d just had a couple of boats pass us, so I was keen to capture ripples coming left to right and back to front, whilst the wake of our ship looked like someone had raked the sand. At least that’s what I saw

Essex UK

I found one of my favourites at last! This was taken in Leverburgh, Isle of Lewis. Handheld with a longish exposure hence it being not so sharp so I added a soft focus filter to help and liked the outcome.

@ptak5566 wrote:

what setting do you have it on for sunsets?

There is a specific setting in Scene Mode (SCN on the dial) that you can select for sunsets. I find it brilliant for bring out the oranges & reds in a sunrise/sunset.

Essex UK

coolonespa wrote:

Thank you. Not this one. It was taken with a Panasonic DMC-TZ70. I needed to use the zoom on it camera to bring the sun up that big.

Fantastic, I used to have a Lumix great cameras, just as a matter of interest … what setting do you have it on for sunsets?

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