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ADSO wrote:

All are really awesome.

Thank you @ADSO

Not quite as spectacular as some but this was a sunset over Kolkata in December…

All are really awesome.

Beautiful picture @LostinAmerica


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That’s a beautiful sunset picture, thanks for sharing it with us.

Essex UK

Lake Geneva- Montreux, Switzerland

Indiana, USA

City Sunset at Dailian Oct 2018

Essex UK

A few of the fantastic sunsets on our trip to New Zealand

@Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

Boom boom!!!

I try Gill, I try…..& thanks for noticing

I’ll confess this is a sunrise but thought it was worth an airing. Shanghai Oct 2018

Essex UK

coolonespa wrote:

06:55 21-Nov-18

Ahhhh Halong bay & a Karst of thousands

Boom boom!!! @coolonespa

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Ahhhh Halong bay & a Karst of thousands

Essex UK
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