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The Wonder of Whitstable

Richard, the food looks great. Send me an email when you next go and we will join you. Thanks for the photos Barrowboy. Love the old fashioned ‘Bowler’ hats. The Festival,it sounds like something worth visiting. The thatched roof of the Golf Club House is really something.


And lets not forget the Whitstable Oyster festival.

Bringing home the Oysters…..

Whitstable’s Community Samba Band, playing at the Oyster Festival…

Impact Dance and Cheer at Whitstable Oyster Festival….

And for your diary the Whitstable’s annual Oyster Festival will take place between Saturday 21 July and Friday 27 July next year.

With a wide range of events on offer in 2012 that includes street entertainment, music, art and dance performances, multiple workshops for people to try fun new things, the popular EPICentre food fair and lots of free activities for families and children.

And of course it will feature all the traditional favourites, including the Landing of The Oysters, Blessing of the Waters, mud tug and oyster eating competition. Sounds to good to miss.


Having lived in the Whitstable area for nearly 40 years, I was delighted to see this review and I think the photos are excellent. Thanks Richard.

I love the harbour area, and I usually include a visit when I’m out walking or popping into town. Whitstable is of course well known for oysters and there are other places that specialise in them – Wheelers Oyster Bar is just around the corner from the restaurant featured in Richard’s review.

Whitstable has many boutiques, art galleries and restaurants, yet it manages to retain a delightful old-world charm. This is Harbour Street and you can just make out the Tudor Tea Rooms on the left, famous for having had Peter Cushing as a regular customer:

The district of Whitstable includes Tankerton and Chestfield which are both well worth a visit. Leaving the town and heading east you walk along Tankerton slopes with the Street (a long shingle bank) partially visible in this picture:

Continuing along the coast then heading inland, it’s about another mile to Chestfield (once chosen by TV’s Panorama as the most Conservative place in Britain!) where the focal point is The Barn Restaurant right next to the Chestfield Golf Club:

Whitstable is full of wonderful places and it’s well worth a visit!

My wife and I recently took a weekend break to complete a number of visits in the Kent area, one of which was a cruise ship visit to the Holland America Line’s Ryndam.

I had always been curious as to the attraction of Whitstable so following an excellent visit to the Chatham Historical Dockyard on the Friday we took off Saturday morning in the direction of Whitstable.

From what I had previously gathered, Whitstable was one of a number of places famous for Oysters. Being a seafood, and especially shellfish, fan, what better a place to visit and test its reputation.

Certainly Whitstable was an oyster gathering port and on arriving at the quayside one could certainly see the commercial end of this particular branch of fishing: though I could probably describe it as hoovering the sea bed really….

There appear to be many types and styles of restaurant around the port area, and this one in particular looked very busy…

We rather prefer the quality end of dining establishments, particularly if we really wish to appreciate good food and wine. Whether by chance, luck or good old fashioned perseverance, we found this establishment – The Whitstable Royal Native Oyster Store Restaurant

The interior was bright and breezy though possibly a little quirky: but what the heck, there was potential for atmosphere…

and lets face it, the menu board and specials of the day certainly looked good…

So down to business. That’s one gone and six of Whitstable’s best left for me and a very nice potted shrimp for my good lady…

Followed by a very generous sized Skate Wing cooked traditionally with capers and butter for me and a Dressed Crab for my wife…

The staff, mainly younger girls, were excellent and a credit to the restaurant. Our bill came to £74.75 which included a most acceptable bottle of Pinot Grigio, a bottle of sparkling water and the included 10% gratuity, to which I added a little more in cash as both the service and food had been so good.

As an afterthought I just could not resist having my photograph taken with Whitstable’s most famous backdrop.

In summary The Royal Native Oyster Stores restaurant is an excellent venue to enjoy fresh seafood and excellent service. Well recommended.

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