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Restaurant covid practices differ

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Essex UK

Sanitisers everywhere!
Some servers wear full face cover protector on top of the regular mask.
Some mark seats and tables

Thanks @Grey-Wolf nice to get another first hand update.

Essex UK

Wetherspoons pub restaurants seem to have incepted good practice, having invested £11 million to ensure health & safety across the national chain. Track and trace slips to be filled in, compulsory for every customer upon entry, hand sanitisers dotted about everywhere, robust table/chairs allocation, restricted customer numbers and door control, furniture deep cleaned on customer departure, no standing at the bar and chatting up the bar staff, physical contact verboten, perspex divider screens between tables and between bar staff, clear covid guideline leaflets and of course half price menu including tea/coffee/soft drinks Monday to Wednesday.

This month’s Wetherspoons magazine is also chiefly devoted as a clarification from Chairman Tim Martin who, contrary to media spin and hype, DID in fact furlough all his staff over the 894 pub restaurants.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Magluck wrote:

a local garden centre

Sounds like a good experience. Would you mind telling us which one so others can give it a try if they’re in the area please.

Essex UK

I went to a local garden centre about a month ago just after the lockdown was lifted and had a very enjoyable meal. There was hand santiser everywhere, going in and coming out of the toilets – there was even wall sanitiser in every cubicle. Upon entering the cafe hand sanitiser was used and contact details left. The meal was ordered and everything was delivered to the table by a waitress wearing masks gloves and apron.
I felt very safe there and would go again but I do know of some places, shops etc where staff waling around the store are not always wearing a mask as we are requested to do so.

An excellent recommendation for ‘The Willow’ @Lh50 !

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@Lh50 wrote:

hospitality staff serving food should be wearing masks

I totally agree with you & I feel strongly enough about this to get up and leave if any of the serving staff are not wearing masks.

Essex UK
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