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Virtual Tours

I think they are a useful ‘taster’ and a good way of stimulating interest but no substitute for the real thing. I am perplexed by a story currently running on the Malta Today web site entitled ‘Virtual museum to showcase Maltese history in real-time’ – the only way to experience something real-time is to be there when it happens, in which case it is not history. Confusing claims like this do nothing to endear the technology to me.

Hi, I just wonder what people think about virtual heritage tours? Many places are putting out online material because people have not been able to travel due to the pandemic.

I have an interest in going on guided tours and was all set to do some research into this as part of my masters course in heritage. Then the pandemic happened! I have moved the focus of my research onto virtual tours. My case studies are Machu Picchu & Lincoln Castle.

If anyone is interested in helping me with my research, please follow the link below:

Many thanks,

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