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Cruising for over 70s Refunds


Best of luck @lionpops

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Booked it Sept 2019. I will let you know how I get on.

Last Edited by lionpops at 02 Jul 19:42

Thanks guys. Yes cancellation does mean you lose deposit but everyone knows they are not going to be cruising . Cunard have cancelled through to November and Carnival October. These are extraordinary times. I have annual insurance via Lloyd’s, had it for 25 years and costs me nothing!. Axa are the insurers and I have launched a claim so they turn me down. Also escalated a complaint with Axa so it gets further
scrutiny. Personally I had written it off! But when I heard the CMO advice that changed. Apparently CEO Tui was on the today programme saying how he cared!! So I have emailed him requesting he show how by refunding my deposit.
I won’t be holding my breath but as soon as they say it is cancelled then I will carry on my mission.
I booked it Sept 2019.

Last Edited by lionpops at 02 Jul 19:41

Hello @Lionpops and thanks for the post.

I did a cruise with TUI earlier this year and it was indeed excellent even though it was their last one before lockdown and we were refused entry at several ports. I also had 2 flights booked with them which never happened. Once they made it possible to claim a refund on line I received my money back in just under 3 weeks.

I appreciate it is annoying to say the least being asked for the final balance on something you know will not happen, however it is the only sure way (Eventually) of getting your money back. Did you book the holiday before the FCO issued the not to travel advice and did you have insurance in place at that time. If yes, then try contacting the Insurance Ombudsman on the grounds that you booked the holiday prior to being given advice not to travel and certainly for those of us over 70 years of age this is still the advice. I was under the impression that if you booked before the 1st March 2020 and you had insurance in place insurance companies would reimburse for cancellations if the FCO later said not to travel. However I may be wrong on this but this link may help.


Hi @lionpops

I’m really sorry to hear that you won’t be going on your cruise & that you are having trouble getting any money back.

You’re right in that we have had quite a few discussions about trip cancellations & insurance.

Sadly, the way I understand it, is that as you broke the contract by cancelling, then neither the insurance company nor TUI are now obliged to give you a refund.

Essex UK

Apologies if this is already on a thread. The FCO via the Chief Medical Officer has advised over 70s not to cruise. So if we did and got sick then no doubt our insurance company would not pay out. We are due to travel September to Fjords with Tui. They want rest of money.
They are taking three months to refund. So we cancelled as we know that the cruise will not take place and they are not doing any cruises from UK next year so can not book one of those. The insurance company will not pay out as they say it is Disinclination to travel. We have escalated a complaint with them and written to CEO Tui. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. We have done one cruise on board Tui and it was excellent. But when things go wrong which they did for my sister, they are hopeless and leave you to it. I won’t travel with them again because of this.We are 100 days into the pandemic and they have not improved their customer service.

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