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Do you plan on travelling soon?

Very sad news indeed

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Sadly for many who took the gamble to travel outside the UK, it has ended in tears as restrictions on Spain & other countries are reintroduced & the latest covid outbreak on ships cancels cruises (including ones around the UK).

Essex UK

Thanks Gill, its been nice to have a decent discussion on this topic.

Essex UK

Very well-countered and succinct points there, Steve @coolonespa

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

An interesting perspective @LolaHola thank you for positing that and getting the discussion going again.

@LostInAmerica wrote:

your individual risk tolerance

I think this sums it up for me. We’re at a stage now where everyone has to review their own situation and decide if the pleasure of travel are sufficient to outweigh the risks that go with it and also the measures they will put in place to discharge their responsibility not to spread the virus.

Key factors are:
Can one get comprehensive travel insurance?
Am I allowed to travel to that country without 14 days quarantine either at one or both ends
What would happen if I or anyone on the plane arrived at the destination with a temperature (some countries will quarantine the whole plane)
What is the FCO advice (impacts insurance cover for one) so ocean cruising is out.

LolaHola wrote:

how do they expect the industry to survive if no one does?

In all honesty I don’t feel any obligation to take risks I’m uncomfortable with to support the travel industry. Companies that operate in a capitalist society take full advantage of good times and have to “suck it up” in bad times.

LolaHola wrote:

As usual it’ll be the average working person who will bear the brunt no matter what ‘side’ you’re on.

Not sure about this either Lola. Assuming your remarks relate to the increase in travel costs, I would expect the “silver” sector (a large number not working but still paying tax) to be shouldering a large part of the burden.

Essex UK

@LolaHola – I am on the side of travel and would love to go as many places as I can as often as possible. However, regardless of how willing I would be at the moment to venture abroad I, as a US resident, have severely limited options. I understand the reasons why I am not currently able to enter many countries, so there is much more to the current situation than just a desire and willingness to travel.

Health, politics, economics and your individual risk tolerance are all factors.

Short version – I would if I could but I can’t (travel abroad). This is the year of domestic US road trips and many people are camping along the way to avoid hotels.

You said the the future of travel will change but I think the change is already happening.

Indiana, USA

Although I can understand people’s reluctance to go abroad how do they expect the industry to survive if no one does? It’s all too easy to put off until 2021 but could you survive without an income for a year? Then if prices rise accordingly people will complain but it isn’t as if the travel compnies want to but rather they need to do this. Supporting UK companies is great and also good for our economy but please be realistic about the future because it will change. As usual it’ll be the average working person who will bear the brunt no matter what ‘side’ you’re on.

Welcome @compfan and like @coolonespa I have no inclination to board an aircraft at the current time. I have a trip planned for September but whether this will go ahead depends entirely on the situation at that time. I think this year is a great opportunity for the UK travel market to show off what they have. I just hope they don’t take advantage of the current situation and inflate prices. I am on an Engish river cruise in August which appears an ideal way of taking a holiday, small numbers, no flying and taking in beautiful scenery.


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There are far too many variables and untried systems at the moment which make me reluctant to travel outside of the UK. One of the biggest issues is obtaining fully comprehensive travel insurance for a newly booked trip. Some companies are offering medical cover with caveats but I haven’t seen any offering cancellation etc.

Essex UK

My wife and I have a long-standing holiday booked and appropriate insurance in place, but we will be just as relieved if it is cancelled as we will be pleased if it goes ahead. Whilst we have some reservations about travel, we will go through with it if the holiday goes ahead. The greatest uncertainty at the moment is the availability of flights; we have flights booked but the airline is not currently flying on the route concerned and there are indications that it may pull out of this route altogether, dashing any hopes of deferring to 2021. One positive, if it does go ahead, we will be flying from a small regional airport directly to a country with a very low Covit infection rate. We would not contemplate flying from or via a major airport such as Heathrow, as we have done in the past.

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