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Unintentional travel with cannabis

My personal thoughts are that once you are off that plane you come under the laws of the country you have landed in and the airport police have jurisdiction in all parts of the airport. Very few countries around the world have made Cannabis legal. Another question could be, is it legal to carry it on the aircraft!!


I would presume that with an unplanned landing, and never leaving the precincts of the airport until you
could fly out again, the discretion would be used. But that is purely a presumption – probably no-one
would know unless they had actually been in that position.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

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A somewhat intriguing first post but it does pose an interesting question & raises the question beyond cannabis e.g. I know there are certain over the counter & prescription drugs available in the UK which are banned in Dubai. So there is always a small chance that you might end up in an unintended country with something that is unlawful in that country.

I have no experience or knowledge on this but in all my many years of travel I have only been diverted to another country once when a fire developed on our plane. Upon landing we were directed to leave the plane immediately without hand luggage, which I assume is standard procedure in an emergency landing. So the chances of landing in an unexpected country & taking anything into the terminal with you must be quite small, making this more of a theoretical question than practical I suppose.

Essex UK

Granted, the thread title sounds a bit irredeemably Cheech and Chong, but I was stumped for a better desciptor for this. More and more jurisdictions, be they national or sub-national (provinces or states), have, in recent years, decriminalised or legalised cannabis. Effectively, when travelling between two such liberal jurisdictions, cannabis may be treated in a similar way to travelling with tobacco (an amount for personal use, not intended for resale, should be fine).. Now, you are on a plane, and your point of origin and destination are both such jurisdictions… however, for some unforeseen reason, the plane must make an unplanned landing, that happens to be in a third, less permissive jurisdiction. As a passenger, who never planned to be there, in the first place, should you be charged with a crime, or exempted, on the condition that the earliest transport available is taken to leave once again? Laws and practices will vary. Would any of you please share your experiences and/or knowledge of this subject?

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