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Favourite Cruise Moments

Albatrail wrote:

I’ve been searching,

Thanks for looking @Albatrail stay safe.



did you get any photo’s.

I’ve been searching, they couldn’t have been good, were never uploaded to the internet.

On our Russian River Cruise the Siberian Assistant Restaurant Manager hosted a vodka tasting evening. Whilst being very interesting, informative and entertaining she also demonstrated novel ways to drink the shot and then drank a shot with us. This resulted in her drinking at least 2 to 1 of everything we drank. By the end of the evening I would have been in a coma if I’d done it but she carried it off. It was only later when we were chatting I noticed a little glazing of the eyes.

Essex UK

That was wonderful, Alan @Fossil – you are so lucky to have experienced it!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@Fossil wrote:

did you get any photo’s.

Yes, but couldn’t get them when I wrote that post, hopefully will later today.

@Albatrail did you get any photo’s.


Away back in 2010, we were sailing from Honningsvåg to Longyearbyen. Whales surrounded the Marco Polo, so many of them that Richard Sykes could hardly keep up with announcing their appearance- I’ve never heard the cool and collected cruise director so excited.


Everyone has favourite moments on a cruise and this is one of mine.
In 2014 I was on an Azamara trip from Lisbon to Hamburg, celebrating the ‘D Day Landings’. One of our ports of call was Honfleur, a delightful little town at the mouth of the Seine. Honfleur is also home to France’s oldest wooden church, Sainte Catherines, dating back to the late 1400’s. I entered and was almost mesmerised by the singing, so much so I captured it on video. The singer, no not a folk singer but the local priest, the occasion, a mass christening. Have a listen, what do you think.

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