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Happy 25th Birthday to Text Messages

Cruzeroqueen1 wrote:

so I am going to bite the bullet

Once you get started with it, you’ll wonder why you resisted for so long

Essex UK

Text – but I’m often out of phone and internet range, so there is blessed salience!

I think many still use plain text as I have found when sending an iMessage only to have it eventually sent as text.


I’m probably going to set the cat among the pigeons now and be considered pre-dinosaur- age. But I haven’t got a ‘posh’ phone, nor an IPad or tablet, or whatever. So unless I can find an internet cafe whilst away I don’t keep in touch. OH knows no news is good news, and that in the event of an emergency someone would contact him (but it would have to be by email as he doesn’t have any other means of communication either!). However, since recently spending over 2 weeks in hospital – and that covered the time I SHOULD have been away on a cruise – I have very reluctantly come to the decision that I now will have to succumb to modernity and have something with which I can communicate purely in the case of emergencies. A friend has given me his old Smartphone, so I am going to bite the bullet, try and sort it out, and then move into the 21st century (albeit kicking and screaming!).

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Well actually it was on the 3rd 25 years ago that the first was sent but haven’t things moved on since then. Read more at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item/d1c23412-3043-429e-a00b-5d997a2f6f83?intc_type=singletheme&intc_location=bbcthree&intc_campaign=bbcthree&intc_linkname=article_text_messages_contentcard27

I think for many texting has been overtaken by iMessage, WhatApp & others but it changed the world with text speak, emojis etc.

So do you still text or have you moved on? When you keep in touch on holiday, what do you use?

Essex UK
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