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Eclipse of the moon.

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@JoCarroll wrote:

always make me feel very small

I always get that when I stand on a beach or the railing of a ship and look out to the vastness of the ocean. As you say, no bad thing.

Essex UK

I didn’t take photos, but did stand on my balcony and watch it – wasn’t it humbling! These things always make me feel very small – no bad thing!

Here’s my modest effort at capturing last nights eclipse. Did anyone else get a shot?

More photos on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48999117

Essex UK

For once London was lucky for a sky event ~ I wouldn’t say our views were necessarily the best, but they were good and certainly better than for people who suffered from cloud.

I woke up especially for it yet was somewhat underwhlemed by the event as the skies were obscured with a heavy fog. Ah well …roll on 2033.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I didn’t get up for it but that’s a nice shot @GeminiJen

Some more pics on the BBC website HERE

Essex UK

Hello Pam
I’ve just posted on this on the Did you Know-Facts thread.
Viewing conditions here were perfect. Clear skies. Spent a good hour taking it all in.
Wish now that I’d taken the trouble to set up my tripod outdoors…..but glad I didn’t miss it.


I managed to see it from our bedroom window but hubby slept through it!. We had virtually no cloud and it was amazing to see the various phases of the eclipse. The photos I took through the window didn’t show it well, but I am pleased I managed to see it.

North Northumberland

I did – set the alarm that is, unfortunately it either didn’t go off or I never heard it so I missed the eclipse….


Is anyone staying awake tonight to see the Red Moon and the Eclipse?. We may set our alarms and try and see it.

North Northumberland
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