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Journeys of Distinction

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Journeys of Distinction: Luxury Escorted Tours

Everything is magnified, amplified, more vibrant, more real. Heart-stoppingly, mesmerizingly beautiful. Of course, seeing the world is just the start. We want you to live it, embrace it, feel it, become part of it. And absolutely love it. Live the spine-tingle of a lion’s roar. Embrace the raw earthiness of a powerful land. Feel the humbling magnificence of ancient wonders. Become part of the throng, the bustle, the clamour. Love the irrepressible rhythm of life. Life is a journey. Don’t miss a thing.

On a Journey of Distinction, you are not merely a bystander. We believe that the wonders, customs and cultures you experience will live on in the core of your being. We’d even go so far as to say they will change your life forever.

We used to call our trips ‘Escorted Tours’ but, somehow, that just didn’t get across the depth of the experience. An Enlightened Tour is so much more than a simple sightseeing holiday. It also takes you on a personal journey; connecting you to countries, customs and cultures by exploring, explaining and unearthing, in a way that creates a lifelong bond. Our exclusive itineraries, unequalled tour managers, knowledgeable guides, exceptional hotels and unique approach all combine to transform the experience from merely interesting, to enriching, enlightening and deeply, personally fulfilling.

Small company, big experience and resources
Established in 1976, we are small, personal and friendly. Managing Director, Karen Gee, regularly meets customers to see how we can improve ~ and sometimes goes undercover on holidays to see everything is up to scratch and get new ideas. We read all the comments you make ~ and act on them. Although we operate completely independently we are part of Kuoni Travel Ltd, the major luxury holiday group. This gives us financial security and helps with investment in systems and technology.

Escorted every step of the way
Travelling alone to faraway places isn’t always the best way. Being with someone knowledgeable always helps. That’s why, unlike every other UK tour company, we escort you from before you leave the UK till when you return. You actually meet your Tour Manager and fellow travellers in a private airport lounge after check-in, at no extra charge. We make sure you see the best of the destination, whichever you choose. But you also have plenty of free time to take it easy. With the odd exception you stay at each hotel for two, three or even four nights, so you’re not constantly packing and unpacking.

Journeys of Distinction
No. 1 Lakeside
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)161 491 7616
E: [email protected]

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