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Holiday planning in Sainsbury's?

As long as you do not go with her, enjoy the peace and quiet while you can……I do!!



As if the wife doesn’t spend enough time in Sainsburys!!!!


It’s a dream come true for multi-taskers!

You might expect to find fresh fruit and frozen pizzas at the supermarket, but a travel agency? That’s a new one.

But thanks to Virgin Holidays, which just opened its first ‘concession stores’ in two Sainsbury’s, multi-tasking shoppers can take a break in between the picking up some milk and cereal to book a cruise to the Caribbean or a weekend getaway to Prague.

Virgin, whose Sainsbury’s stores are located in Merton High Street in south London and Cromwell Road in London’s Kensington, already has 77 retail outlets in the country but these new outlets are the first locations situated next to the produce aisle.

The holiday operator hopes to have 100 of the travel stores opened by March 2012.

Customers will be able to use the latest touch screen technology to research their holiday options, alongside the more traditional range of brochures. There will even be play areas to occupy children while mum and dad pick their dream trip.

The new stores have some special launch offers, with holidays to Las Vegas from £799, Orlando from £399 and Thailand from £859.

So the next time you’re in line at the checkout, you might find yourself choosing between city break or sand and sun, instead of paper or plastic.

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