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Travel News 07 april 2020 07.04.2020

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Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Etihad to expand flight schedule from Sunday
Over the past week, Etihad Airways has been operating special flights which have allowed stranded passengers to return home.

The departures are also designed to support the United Arab Emirates’ food security program as part of previously announced plans to utilise belly-hold capacity of passenger aircraft for cargo.

These services give citizens of other nations who are unable to leave the UAE due to current Covid-19 restrictions, the opportunity to fly home.

In some instances, Etihad has also been able to repatriate UAE citizens, and carry fresh produce as belly-hold cargo, on the return segments back to Abu Dhabi.

To date, these services have covered a number of destinations, including the United States, Australia, and Sri Lanka.
All of these operations have been approved by the UAE government and we continue to work closely with the authorities on the continuation of these types of operations, with a view to expanding the number of flights on the basis of approaches from a number of foreign governments.

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