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Easyjet Flights April 2020

Lets hope at least that September happens for you @northernblue. Love Malta but have only been to Gozo twice and never to Comino.


@Fossil. It was to have been a Spring break on the Maltese island of Gozo, where we had planned to do some walking and also visit the island of Comino. All being well, our main holiday to Gozo will go ahead in September but, from experience, it will be too hot to visit Comino. That said, we will be happy just to get away but are pragmatic in accepting that it may not happen this year.

Sounds like good news @northernblue where are you offf to?


Easyjet has just notified its customers that the recent grounding of its flights will run to the end of April. For my wife and I, this has provided welcome certainty in respect of a holiday due to commence a few days after the expiry of the current FCO advisory period on 16th April. Whilst we were not inclined to travel, it would have been an expensive decision to pull-out of our fully-paid package holiday.

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