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CMV ships swap passengers for transfer home

Fossil wrote:

cruise companies that I work closely with are doing everything they can for their crews.

Good to hear it, are most of the crew staying with the ships ?


Good morning @Albatrail Last just looked at the AIS and the number of ships at anchor off Miami and Fort Lauderdale is mounting fast. I see Boudicca is heading for Leith, Oceana and Aurora are both in Dover. Thought it an amazing transfer of passengers and luggage between Vasco de Gama and Columbus off the coast of Phuket.
I came off Marella Dream 6 days ago, which is now waiting orders off the Spanish coast east of the Gibraltar Straits, and whilst the crew were all smiles to their passengers there was an underlying fear as to their future. I spoke with one of them who was worried about his future, that if he was flown home would there be a job for him in the future as I think we all agree it will take the cruise industry quite some time to recover. Certainly whilst on the ship the crew are all working together and the cruise companies that I work closely with are doing everything they can for their crews.


@Fossil wrote:

Saga Sapphire, Spirit of Discovery

are all inside one of the docks along with Viking Star and Astoria. Only Magellan remains at the cruise terminal. Marco Polo’s destination is Bristol.

Balmoral was in Southampton but is now in the Forth along with Black Watch.

Allure of the Seas is heading into Southampton at the moment, no idea what else is there.

I hope the crew of all these ships, who look after us all so well on our cruises, are now being treated well by the cruise lines. They deserve it.


Many happy and relieved passengers now heading home. Columbus is already heading for Tilbury. Don’t know however where they are going to berth her as already Viking Sun, Saga Sapphire, Spirit of Discovery, Magellan and a couple of others are laid up there with Marco Polo due as well.



Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Columbus returning, on a long voyage, to the UK. Vasco da Gama returning to Australia. They swapped some passengers by tender so that they could return to their respective countries. Well done ! (read about it)

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