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Wetherspoon voted No.1 Hotel chain by "Which ?" magazine.

I’m thinking that is ice Wharf at Camden Lock. Been in that one quite a few times. Took some friends from Texas in there in the summer, they thought it was amazing, they don’t have anything like that in Texas.

Essex UK

Not so much a hotel as a drinking establishment, and for that matter you can’t tell it’s Wetherspoon (photographer needs more training). But indeed it is Whetherspoon, and looking as inviting as anywhere else by the canal!

JoCarroll wrote:

I think they are saying that Wetherspoons is voted the most popular by people who choose to stay there

You’re absolutely right that we need to look at the small print. But in this survey I think the “members” they asked were Which? members and Members of the Public.

The statement below is taken from the Which? website, and for more info go to their site.

How we rate UK hotel chains In July 2019, we asked 8,197 Which? members and members of the general public to complete an online survey about their experience of staying in small and large UK hotel chains in the past 12 months. The results are based on 8,388 hotel stays. To be considered a chain hotel, the hotel group must have a minimum of five UK properties.

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/uk-hotel-chains/article/best-and-worst-uk-hotel-chains – Which?

Would anyone like to delve into The Times and The Metro surveys, mentioned by @GreyWolf in his original post?

I confess that I’ve yet to venture inside a Wetherspoon’s….However, it must be doing something right!

In today’s News….

UK pub chain JD Wetherspoon has said it will create 10,000 jobs in the UK and Republic of Ireland over the next four years.
The chain said it would invest £200m in new pubs and hotels, as well as enlarging existing ones.
Wetherspoon said the majority of the £200m investment would happen in small and medium-sized towns.
The company plans new pubs in Bourne, Waterford, Hamilton, Ely, Diss, Felixstowe, Newport Pagnell and Prestatyn.
It will also invest in major cities including London and Dublin.

Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin said: “We are especially pleased that a large proportion of the investment will be in smaller towns and cities which have seen a decline in investment in recent years.”
It plans about 60 new pubs, and at least four new hotels.
The jobs will be created gradually, and will be a mixture of pub management, bar staff, kitchen staff, and others. They will be a mixture of full-time and part-time roles.
Wetherspoon has 875 pubs and 58 hotels in the UK and Republic of Ireland and has about 44,000 employees.


Fossil wrote:

17:34 09-Dec-19

You make an excellent point Jo @JoCarroll

Definitely agree with that! If you look at the VERY small print at the bottom of some TV adverts, particularly on
beauty products, where they have trumpeted that 90% love it, endorse it, or whatever, the written words say
something like ‘based on a study of 60 people’!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

You make an excellent point Jo @JoCarroll


happytraveller wrote:

Not sure I totally believe this, not everyone wants the pub type of

I think they are saying that Wetherspoons is voted the most popular by people who choose to stay there – so their customers are the most satisfied. That’s a long way from saying they are the most popular place to stay – they’d have to ask a different question to find that out.

GreyWolf wrote:

above The Hilton and The Marriott for budget priced rooms
To be honest, I wouldn’t look to the Hilton or the Marriott for a budget room!

happytraveller wrote:

Not sure I totally believe this

At first glance, I wasn’t sure. Felt I’d side with @happytraveller . But it seems we needn’t rely on guesswork, because we already have a review for the Worcester Wetherspoon Hotel .

Which means, @GreyWolf , that I’m relying on you to let me know as soon as Wetherspoon open a hotel in the Merrie Citie, so that I can look around at all the wonderful things and places you’ve been telling us all about for so long, and test a Wetherspoon Hotel for myself.

That’s interesting @GreyWolf I must make sure to consider them when I’m staying in the UK.

Essex UK

Not sure I totally believe this, not everyone wants the pub type of

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