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Travel company bans the over 80's

You could try Enable Holidays – they only cater for people with limited mobility, disabled travellers with wheelchairs and people who are a bit older and find it hard to get around. Their staff are very friendly and they have an excellent range of hotels which have all been properly checked out. http://www.enableholidays.com

For travel insurance, we can recommend Citybond (you can find them on the main www.silvertraveladvisor.com site) who have no upper age limit, and there’s also a company called World-First 0845 908 0161 www.world-first.co.uk who we have been told are a well-respected family company who are particularly good for older people with stable controlled medical conditions.

No recommendations for psychiatrists though!!


Hi Coolonespa,
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That is an excellent question. Could I suggest that you do a quick visit to our main site and on the right side of the Home Page you will see a box with a picture on it of one of our advisors marked "Can We Help You". If you ask your question on there it will then go to one of the experienced travel advisors who will answer you directly. They have between them a wealth of knowledge and I am sure they will be able to assist you.


I guess a straight age ban is wrong as its more about independence & mobility. I’d like to take my mother in law on holiday (who’s 86 with limited mobility) but its hard to find a travel company that can help. Some sites help with accessibility at hotels but not a whole package that includes trips out whilst you are there. Not to mention that Travel Insurance adds significantly to the cost if they’re taking the odd pill or two. I looked at a cruise but most of the excursions ban anyone who uses a wheelchair. Any suggestions of where I could look or who I could contact (other than a psychiatrist for wanting to go on holiday with my Mother in Law ??

Essex UK

I agree that it’s ageist. Many people over 80 are fit enough for the average holiday. My mum is 87 and until 2/3 years ago had no problems with stairs etc. Admittedly, she has slowed down a lot since then but she has stopped going on foreign holidays because her own cdommon sense told her she would find it difficult.
I can imagine it’s a bit frustrating when some people hold up others on tours etc but it isn’t always the elderly. As Fossil says it’s more about mobility. (Not that I think the less mobile should be banned of course, just that the level of activity on particular holidays should be made clear so that less mobile people can choose wisely.

I certainly do not agree with him. Is this not ageist? This surely has nothing to do with age but mobility. Lets hear some more views on this.


I imagine they get a fair few complaints to have taken this action as no travel company likes to turn away business. Although I know of people in their 80’s who are incredibly fit and active. Bruce Forsyth is a great example, still dancing away. It’s more a question of ability and mobility than age surely?


Must be a very rich company if it can ban people who can pay £2,000 for four nights.


A holiday firm has banned anyone over 80 from joining its tours – because they ‘spoil’ the fun for everyone else.
Martin Randall Travel said some clients had complained of how slow octogenarians were, holding up visits to sites and demanding too much help.
The firm’s founder and owner, Martin Randall, admitted the ban was harsh but insisted it would stay in place – even if it meant the Queen, who is 85, and Sir Bruce Forsyth, 83, were among those left out. The 57-year-old said that, before the ban, three or four luxury trips a year were spoilt by customers unable to cope with the demands of travel.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … z1ZWU8CTsx

This is a bit harsh – does anyone agree with Martin Randall?

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