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Travel company bans the over 80's

Just to add to my last post. The Washington Post had one about 3 elderly people airlifted from a cruise ship.

Totally agree Gemma. Definitely as far as excursions are concerned common sense and an acceptance of your capability. We recently saw a very elderly gentleman being almost carried by other passengers on to a tender at Santorini. He had two walking sticks but could hardly walk at all. It was very hot so maybe it was just the heat but he looked extremely unwell. I’m presuming he had been on an excursion as there were a number of people all coming off the cable car at the same time. It was not our ship so I can’t say what the activity level was for the excursion but whatever it was he probably shouldn’t have been on it.

I think it should be made very clear what an excursion involves – not just for those over 80 but for anyone with mobility problems.
On an excursion to Eze and Nice there was written that Eze involved a very steep hill, but not that there were steep steps. One lady had to remain near the coach as because of a bad knee she can’t climb more than a few steps. She said if it was walking up a hill, she would have managed it. She spent the rest of the morning complaining but I don’t know how it ended.
When my husband had back trouble we wouldn’t have dreamt of taking any excursion that involved a lot of walking as he used to have to rest a while every so often.
The thing is that excursions have a limited time. On a trip to Rome some friends took a walking tour of the city. Because some people couldn’t keep up the guide had to leave out a couple of places with the result of many people grumbling.
So I think common sense comes into it


Here’s the link to the Radio 4 piece if anyone wants to listen

Martin Randall himself, a representative from Age UK, the travel journalist and presenter Simon Calder + Peter White from R4.

It starts around 40 minutes into the show:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 … _industry/

Worth a listen – not least because the law is changing next year and age discrimination will be prohibited.


This horrifies me. I have met some in their 50s who cannot match my mother’s boundless energy. It must surely be about mindset, mobility and fitness. Perhaps the company is not clear in the Holiday description. Have a look at the kind of trips our advisores are taking.

Thanks Peter, just listened to it on the website. I guess the bottom line is that regardless of legislation (& we have far too much legislation already) the only way to stamp this out is for over 80s to book elsewhere & for anyone who has sympathies with them to also book elsewhere. Once it hits their profitability they might think again. The cynic in me says this is also a huge amount of free publicity for this company, that’s very unlikely to be accompanied by lost business. One to watch though.

Essex UK

If you missed it today there was an item on this subject today on BBC Radio4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme in which they interviewed Mr. Randall and also a couple of other travel experts who criticised his policy. You can still hear it on the BBC website. The presenter Peter White asked for comments from listeners – so I sent an on-line reply to say that their older listeners can find all the advice they need on holidays for mature travellers on SilverTravelAdvisor.com!!! I hope they will follow up with listener comments in the programme at 12-noon on Monday.

Dorset, UK

This decision brought back a memory for me when we were in Ibiza a few years ago. We were doing a guided tour of Ibiza Town,and the male Spanish guide was a really nice guy. However,one of the party was continuously lagging behind the main body of the party,and was most apologetic for slowing others down.
The guide went backto have a word with her and I still remember his words of reassurance to her to this day. He said "Madame,you have no need to apologise. I ask myself in these circumstances,what would Jesus do? He would walk with you,and so will I,and therefore the others".
What a lovely man! Regards from a rapidly ageing Stan.

I don’t think Mr. Randall will get much support from Silver Travellers – we will all be 80 before long (if not yet!) and thanks to the wide choice of other options it is possible to search on this website for the trips we are interested in and then get good advice on suitability for ‘seniors’. I am sure many other companies take care not to mix groups with incompatible travellers – and it should be clear from the itinerary information whether there are likely to be particular difficulties.

Dorset, UK

OK thanks Debbie, I’ll have a look at these.

Essex UK
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