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British Airways to sell M&S Sandwiches

I agree about the price – but if we know before we get on the plane then we can take food with us. I was much crosser about a return flight from Canada, many years ago, when the airline (I forget which) changed the regulations while I was there – so I got a free meal on the way out and was expected to pay on the way back, in Canadian dollars – and, of course, it being the end of my trip I had none left.

I wonder if M&S will start selling BA Flights?

Essex UK

The one thing I find with M&S is that everything is good quality, consequently it is generally more expensive. However they regularly offer three fish or meat purchases for a tenner, and a meal for two for a tenner which includes a bottle of plonk which i think is quite competitive.

Bishop Auckland

…funnily enough M&S is the one supermarket I don’t frequent as it’s generally exorbitantly out of my price range. However, I discovered from local intelligence the other day that after 5pm they offer the best reduced-for-quick-sale-bargain-bucket options going…

As far as M&S sarnies go , for the same money you could but a whole loaf plus the fillings.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

BA has signed a deal with M&S to sell their sandwiches on board short-haul flights. It’s due to start in January 2017. Meals and drinks are currently free.

Whilst leisure passengers prefer the flexibility of lower fares with the option to purchase food, it’s the business passengers who are complaining about the lack of a meal, although the content/quality has reduced significantly of late. BA appears to be following the example of airlines such as Iberia who have adopted the “low cost” model of paying for everything.

One tired business traveller reflected that BA’s slogan “To Fly To Serve” should now be amended to “To Fly To Starve”.

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