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Silver Traveller Magazine

Glad you enjoyed it GW

Essex UK

Good magazine this month, received mine t’other day. Well done all.

Issue 2 has 8 pages more than Issue 1 with, once again the very useful Silver Travel Directory and the offers insert. A lot of hard work has obviously gone into producing this edition. It has something for every traveller and great reviews. Well done Jennie @JennieSilver .

How many have read it and what did you think of it?


So glad you are all enjoying the second 2017 edition of The Silver Traveller. It is a true group effort – all our writers, partners, contributors and the team at Silver Towers – working together. Thank you to you all.


Essex UK

This edition I think is the best so far.


Just received mine, looking forward to receiving it, love this magazine!

North Northumberland

As mentioned by Steve the person who should receive all the accolades is Jennie @JennieSilver She works impossible hours to produce what is a great magazine which is up there with the best of them. She’s a great collator, proof reader and editor all in one and long may she be so.


Yes thanks GW.

The magazines went like hot cakes at the 50+ show & were very well received, so it was nice that @JennieSilver was there to see all her hard work appreciated.

Interestingly the 50+ show magazine was marked as “£3” where sold, so I think that puts ours in the £30 category based on content.

Essex UK
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