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Venice Confirms Its Cruise Commitment

One of the few places we haven’t cruised into yet, I understand that it is an experience not to be missed if you are a cruiser, now this news has been confirmed we can look forward to a visit by ship sometime in the near future.


The Venice Port Authority has confirmed its total support of the cruise facilities in Venice Marittima in response to various media reports that the cruise ships may move to Marghera, following the cargo traffic.

The Port Authority also said it is pursuing a green strategy to minimize the impact of air pollution, waves. noise and traffic upon the city of Venice. It also stated that it will work to accommodate other interest in Venice, but will not move the cruise traffic to Marghera, which is operating at full capacity with cargo ships.

The President of the Port Authority, Paolo Costa, is expected to meet with the Mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, in the next few days, and expressed his full confidence that they will find solutions that will allow the cruise industry to continue in Venice, also noting the economic it brings to the municipality.


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