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Silver surfers know the web jargon...

Most of the 16-24 group seem to use the Internet for pop music, games or exchanging strange messages on Facebook so their jargon needs are different from those of us who see the computer as a typewriter with wires. Maybe when this generation gets to be 55+ their needs will change too, unless technology advances mean that by then Ipads and Ipods etc will be antiquated and they will be using digital implants. Anyway, so far as jargon is concerned I try to learn the ones I need – the problem is remembering them the next day!

Dorset, UK

And three from me….

Hard drive – a large capacity storage device made of multiple disks housed in a rigid case.

Zoom box – a small square in the upper right corner of a window which, when clicked, will expand the window to fill the whole screen.

Memory – the temporary holding area where data is stored while it is being used or changed; the amount of RAM a computer has installed.


Do you know your SEO from your PPC?

More people aged over 55 are familiar with internet terms than 16-24-year-olds, a new study conducted for Plusnet has claimed.

The research found that 72% of the older age group were familiar with terminology such as ‘Wifi’, ‘router’, ‘cursor’ and ‘bandwidth’, compared to only 61% of youngsters. Apparently it’s because the older generation are making an effort to learn all about it.

Perhaps we should start a glossary of internet terms? Here are a couple I found…

mouse: An input device designed to make computer errors easier to generate.

hardware: The parts of a computer which can be kicked.

computer expert: Someone who has not read the instructions, but who will nevertheless feel qualified to install a program and, when it does not function correctly, pronounce it incompatible with the operating system

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