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Transport for London (TFL)

JoCarroll wrote:


Hear, hear!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

This is brilliant – I heard an interview with two youngish women on Woman’s Hour who struggle with constant pain but look well. I really hope this takes off – and spreads across the country. No need for London to hog all the good ideas.

Another innovation from tfl is the recently launched new badge and card to help customers who are less able to stand, get a seat when they need one.

The “Please offer me a seat” badge and card are aimed to alert fellow customers on Public Transport that you need a seat and can be obtained for free here:


Great idea for those who have invisible issues and require some help

Essex UK

Thanks for this – I have to go to Blackheath, regularly, to visit an aunt in a nursing home, and it’s a dreadful trip from deepest Wiltshire (with no car) so if they’ve any ideas to make this easier I’ll give it a go.

TFL have introduced new features to their website, including the following for those who use the Tube, London Overground, DLR or Tramlink:
A new ‘Nearby’ feature, which gives you a map of all our services in your vicinity, such as bus stops, Tube stations and river piers as well as live information on departure times
A more intuitive Journey Planner, which saves recent searches and provides a range of suggested routes with the journey time clearly displayed:

Essex UK
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