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The Lost City of Atlantis

Wow ! My sort of holiday that…wouldn’t surprise me though if some tour operator hasn’t already commercialised it with underwater McDonalds and KFCs…Dunkin’ Donuts…Disneyworld…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Been on a couple of Louis Cruises and they do represent good value for money. They also crew and administer all of the Thomson ships.


Louis Cruises Unveils Excursion to…….The Lost City of Atlantis.

Louis Cruises is introducing a new shore excursion that takes travelers to experience the famed archaeological site of Akrotiri in Santorini, following the official re-opening of the excavations last month after nearly seven years of being closed to the public.

Available now on 4-day/3-night “Aegean Legends” sailings, the half-day excursion gives visitors the unique opportunity explore one of the most prominent prehistoric settlements in the Aegean, a characteristic example of urban life in the prehistoric Minoan era – and believed by many to be The Lost City of Atlantis.

On Louis Cruises’ new Akrotiri Village & Excavations Half day Excursion, travelers are taken back in time as they experience the amazing ruins that demonstrate what life was like before the village was destroyed around 1650 B.C. by the eruption of the volcano of Thira.

Some of the most famous Greek frescoes along with imported furniture and pots have been found in what is left of Ancient Akrotiri’s once prominent homes. Visitors on this exciting excursion will see buildings, city squares, shops and working areas — all remnants of a busy-bustling area before the volcanic eruption dating back more than 3,600 years ago. They will have the unique chance to admire various multi-story edifices with famous frescoes, such as the Saffron Gatherers in the Xeste 3 ritual building, or the West House – home to the fresco of the Young Priestess, and the famous Flotilla miniature frieze.

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