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The highs and lows of gift 'experiences'

And a present I couldn’t handle for sure…..Well done tomtom….


Now that is what I call a present!


My partner bought me a flying lesson in a Microlight with the Cornwall Flying Club, at Bodmin,Cornwall.Exciting,scary,jaw-dropping views;a fantastic experience!

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That sounds great Jane. I wonder how many of these gift experiences are enough of a taster for it to become a lifetimes passion or a hobby for people?

Essex UK

For my daughters 25th birthday last year we booked her a flying lesson down at Shoreham Sussex, we didn,t tell her it was a Bi-plane, however, she took the controls twice the dvd shows the biggest grin on her face from start to finish, however when she realised she had an official hours flying time , she decided to continue and is hoping for her PPL soon . They really are not cheap these experiences but I think as long as you know the person well enough if it,s a gift, then they are great and worth it to see someone thrilled

Oh heck, this was about twenty years ago – and they were in the Gloucester area – I’m sorry, I really can’t remember any more. I suspect they’ve gone out of business by now!!

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There are so many railways offering a driver experience. Has any one done this and are their any reviews about which is the best? Perhaps this is something Silver Travel might like to offer as a prize?


Nane them, name them, name them, name them.

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That’s not good enough Jo, I agree, lets name & shame.

Essex UK

That isn’t on Jo. Which railway was it – let’s name and shame as it isn’t a cheap experience. Sitting in the cab of a diesel just wouldn’t be the same.

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