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The Future of Cruising

I think that already, long time cruisers are aware of the drop in standards, and are moving to the smaller ships with better food and service, or to the 5&6* cruises.
I’m happy with the blocks of flats, as we enjoy plenty going on, on sea days, and aren’t foodies as such. Some cruisers prefer to eat food they wouldn’t cook at home, but we can always find something which suits us, or have the occasional speciality meal.
At least these days there’s something out there to suit everyone- it’s no longer for the few.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

The Future of Cruising
The cruise industry is booming with more new ships scheduled to launch this year. This commitment by the worldwide cruise industry is reflecting a change in economies to fill these larger ships as they come into service. In my opinion this will force new marketing and pricing opportunities needed to stimulate reservations in order to maximise passenger numbers and ultimately profits. Inevitably this could lead to deterioration in standards and service, thus changing cruising as we know it today.

People are discovering that the luxury of cruising is no longer only for the well heeled golden oldies, but an all round excellent holiday for all ages and social classes. This in itself is not a bad thing – but the conventions and traditions of cruising, which many find as alluring as the travelling itself, are slowly being eroded by a new set of customers more used to bargain holidays in the UK.

What do you think?

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